Anime is already bursting forth into the year with a strong finish to the winter season! Having set the bar so high, it’ll be difficult to do better. But this spring does have some incredible titles, some new and some returning, that’ll be sure to keep you watching. Even so, there is that ever-present problem for the eager anime fan — there are hundreds of new anime to choose from but only 24 hours in a day. You certainly can’t spend every waking minute watching anime (or can you?), so we’ve got your back. ComicsVerse has compiled a list of seven great anime to check out before you settle on your new favorites.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of every single good show out there, it is a good start. The anime listed cover a variety of genres and each have fantastic trailers and great stories.  In no particular order, here are seven great anime sure to keep you addicted this spring!


This one is almost obligatory. MY HERO ACADEMIA is one of the best anime in recent memory. It has grown fast enough to already have a movie and video game in the works. This is just a couple years after the show’s release, so it’s especially impressive. If you aren’t familiar, this superpowered anime follows Izuku Midoriya as he trains to become a hero. In Midoriya’s world, nearly 80% of the population has abilities (called ‘Quirks’). As a result, the treasured occupation of superhero became possible. But with heroes come villains, so there are strict regulations on using destructive powers.

Midoriya was born without any powers, but the world’s greatest hero All Might passed his Quirk down to him so he can become the world’s next symbol of peace. Midoriya was then able to join a select group of students going to the superhero training academy, U.A. Highschool.

New action with our favorite heroes in training! | Image: Crunchyroll

Season 3 follows along after the Internship Arc in Season 2. Now that the fledgling heroes have proven themselves worthy, the world is watching. After fighting real villains and realizing the risks of the real world, U.A. decides to send the students to a training camp. Manga readers know that the Training Arc ramps up the Quirks of our favorite characters. We’ll be seeing tons of new super moves, cool powers, and absolutely dope battles. While the images look great on paper, I’m sure the anime will make those perfect scenes even better. The series breaks from the traditional mold of a shonen anime in too many ways to count. Every character is developed and each has a distinct personality. MY HERO ACADEMIA’s narrative is extremely compelling in this way and an instant addiction.

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COMIC GIRLS is a refreshingly light anime about several fast friends. After moving into a dorm housing of solely female manga artists, 15-year-old Moeta Kaoruko meets several girls. Shojo manga artist Koyume, teen romance manga artist Ruki, and shonen manga artist Tsubasa all form a tight-knit group in the apartment building. Moeta experiences strong anxiety and it affected her work so much that her editor suggested the building. Until moving in, she had virtually zero friends. Now that she’s moved in, she’ll hopefully be able to learn more about her authentic self and let that flow into her work.

A dorm full of creative types! | Image: Crunchyroll

COMIC GIRLS combines consistently cute character designs with a degree of familiarity with its characters. Everyone has certainly been in a nervous moment before. For Moeta, the level of anxiety most of us feel over a big job interview happens during simple conversations. Her skill as an artist hurts her here. She’s so able to think of things quickly that she ends up thinking of a million ways her day can go wrong. This is something super relatable for almost anyone and a great aspect of the anime. Adding comedy to the mix makes COMIC GIRLS a super well-rounded anime. Usually, cute anime rely on feel-good stories from episode to episode. COMIC GIRLS appears to be embarking on a season that surpasses that norm. We’ll have to stick by it and see if it can maintain its gentle exposition and solid mix of emotion and humor.


What happens when two professionally successful nerds reunite years after their childhoods? IT’S DIFFICULT TO LOVE AN OTAKU takes the classic ‘childhood friend’ romance trope and completely remixes it. Hirotaka Nifuji and Narumi Momose work at the same company and quickly re-bond over their shared otaku interests. Hirotaka is a hardcore gamer and Narumi is a complete fujoshi (a female fan of boys’ love manga). After some heavy drinking, Hirotaka finally works up the courage (or liquid courage) to ask Narumi out in a very awkward but cute exchange. He tells her: “If we dated, I would help you grind for materials or levels or whatever you wanted.” This starts a relationship that teaches them to value each other and balance their professional lives with their personal ones. In this way, their relationship simultaneously brings them closer together and makes them better people overall.

Young friendship becomes workplace romance | Image: Youtube

What makes IT’S DIFFICULT TO LOVE AN OTAKU especially interesting is the way they characterize and develop relatively nerdy characters. Usually, anime paints broad strokes over gamer and otaku characters. They’re almost always total shut-ins or pursue gaming and anime to the detriment of their standard lives. By setting up a story with two working professionals, this anime breaks that standard. The professional relationship exists first, and while it makes their initial interactions somewhat awkward, it also adds some relatability. It’s incredibly awkward to breach professional lines, especially when it comes to an intimate relationship. Issues like sexual insecurity, body positivity, and anxiety are all very real parts of any relationship. Hirotaka and Narumi aren’t high schoolers, they have real lives and feel like very very real people on screen. That makes the anime an even better watch and a definite catch for this season.

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For those unfamiliar with the DEVILS’ LINE series, it follows a world of humanoid devils and the Tokyo police who track them down. In DEVILS’ LINE, devils are more than mere legend. They’re real, bloodthirsty entities capable of taking down regular humans with ease.  They make up only .01% of the population and generally are indistinguishable from those around them. Despite their similar appearance, they have a strong lust for human blood. However, they can’t totally hide themselves.

Devils are often perpetrators of violent crimes, especially sexual assaults against women. Some are able to repress their desires and lead normal lives. Others are unable to resist. As a half devil, Yuuki Anzai has access to the advanced physical abilities that make devils so strong. He is also aware enough of his own bloodlust to tamper and suppress it with tranquilizers.

Half-devil Yuuki Anzai | Image: Youtube

DEVILS’ LINE is one of the best seinen series out there. By combing steady romance with consistently entertaining action, it has major potential. Most anime are only able to barely scratch the surface of plot complexity. Despite being one of the city’s heroes, Anzai is still seen for his devil half. Plenty of anime utilize the trope of the redeemable outcast. In DEVILS’ LINE, however, Anzai loathes his devil half. Rather than some convenient dark power that can be exclusively used for good, his bloodlust is incredibly difficult to control. Something as small as a papercut can set him off. These types of consistent complications add a lot to the story. DEVILS’ LINE isn’t just some standard action show. The intersections of romance, combat, and finding one’s place in life make this a great new series.


Another anime featuring childhood friends, but with another unique take. Rather than the standard tsundere (when a female love interest is initially cold to a male protagonist) anime with a girl passively insulting her boyfriend, MY SWEET TYRANT flips the switch. The series follows Akkun and Nontan, childhood best friends and current partners. But Akkun (boyfriend) constantly says incredibly rude things to Nontan. On top of that, his disposition toward her is generally quite cold. Surprisingly, she embraces his vitriol and loves him just the same. To Nontan, the insults and curtness are just the unique way that Akkun expresses his feelings toward her. The series chronicles their relationship and the hilarious interactions that occur as a result.

Main characters Akkun and Nontan pose alongside friends. Spring Anime
Akkun is a pretty harsh boyfriend, but Nontan doesn’t seem to mind | Image: Crunchyroll

Making the tsundere character in an anime a guy is especially interesting. It’s plenty common for masculine anime characters to passively hide their emotions. Having a male character completely reside within tsundere space though is incredibly rare. The series has short, 3-minute-long episodes. Because of this, some interactions wherein Akkun is particularly abrasive come off as somewhat abusive in absence of any mitigatory interactions. Nevertheless, if the show works toward a better balance of Akkun’s coldness and affection, it has great potential.

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CALIGULA is an interesting semi-dystopian virtual reality anime. It mixes together some of the best parts of several genres to construct something wholly unique. On first glance, the anime might appear to be a standard isekai (anime where the main character is transported to another world) series. But in actuality, this is an anime that drags its characters into a psychological trauma that they scarcely understand. In CALIGULA, an AI pop idol becomes aware and sentient. After people listen to her song, she transports them to a world that simulates their high school years. They forget every memory of pain from their old lives. Like any virtual dystopia anime, however, not everyone stays asleep in this endless school world. As people slowly come to know that the world they live in is not real, we get to watch how they react to this revelation.

Shikishima Ritsu spends his morning commute reading psychological texts | Image: Crunchyroll

While CALIGULA’s protagonist Ritsu Shikishima is a bit heavy on philosophizing at times, he’s clearly the impetus for revealing how fake the world is. Ritsu has a pretty solid understanding of psychology, and his drive to question the things around him causes ripples. People unaware of the simulation can react in violent ways like breaking out into massive fights. So far, it’s quite obvious that this series is some kind of abject notion of a social critique. However, the way irregularities in the world appear is very much a mystery at the show’s start. The anime is only beginning to explore how the world works, so we’ll have to watch and see how it progresses.


While this list has no particular order to it, this is probably the new series I would recommend most for spring. MEGALOBOX follows a hard-hitting underground boxer named Junk Dog (JD). The series takes place primarily in a slum-looking area a few years in the future. Boxing in MEGALOBOX has a few notable differences from the fighting we see today, however. For one, fighters use mechanical enhancements to boost their combat capabilities.

While this idea of mecha enhanced fighters certainly isn’t new, the world it operates in makes it unique. This is to say that rather than simply throw mecha boxing in our face as a neat futuristic fighting method, MEGALOBOX incorporates within it a narrative of social pressure and poverty. Boxing in MEGALOBOX isn’t rich people buying robots to fight for entertainment. JD takes part in these underground fights in order to survive and the enhancements are a matter of competitive necessity.

Mechanical armaments and careful technique come together for an incredible boxing anime | Image: Crunchyroll

The soundtrack is extremely funky and it reminds me of shows like COWBOY BEBOP with its style. The artwork really brings out the visual components of the slums, with dull colored buildings and facades. From a single episode, it’s quite clear that this anime has a huge world that needs to be explored. The steady mix of rather careful visual detail in creating a slum and the incredible action of the boxing itself makes MEGALOBOX one of the best new anime of the spring season. Beyond that, MEGALOBOX is a tribute anime to ASHITA NO JOE but doesn’t alienate those who haven’t seen it. It makes itself out to be a unique rendition among all other boxing anime.

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A Glorious Spring for Anime

This current lineup of spring anime brings in a steady stream of new and continuing series. For returning anime, that means more great episodes of the characters we love. But with the new anime, we get the chance to check out hundreds of other shows and find new favorites. While the ones listed here certainly are not the only great anime out this season, they cover a wide swath of genres and will be a great start to your exhaustive search.

Have any spring anime favorites we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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