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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and couples all over are wondering what to do! Some may want a fancy day out, others may want to spend the night in, and others may not be able to be together. However, no matter where you are, it’s still possible to spend time with your significant other. How? Here are five co-op/multiplayer video games you can play with your significant other on Steam! Plus, any of them would make a great gift if you’re still scrambling for what to buy.


IBB AND OBB is an adorable co-op puzzle game with gravity shenanigans! One person plays as ibb, the shorter gumdrop-shaped character, and the other as obb, the taller one. Both players must work together to solve puzzles to reach the end of each level. The characters’ heights come into play pretty often. One player usually will need to jump off the head of the others, or both will have to jump together in some way to reach certain goals.

Another fun aspect of this game is that both characters “die” if either one does. Throughout the game, players will encounter spiky black characters. Players can defeat these characters by touching the white bubble on the opposite side of the floor. However, if one player gets too close, they will explode and their partner will, too! This can make for some cute sabotage if that’s the kind of mood you’re going for.

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Overall, IBB AND OBB is a straightforward, low-stress game that can showcase you and your partner’s communication and problem-solving skills! Currently, it’s available for $11.99 on Steam.


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P-body (jumping) and Atlas (lower)

PORTAL 2 is another opportunity to play a co-op puzzle game with a slightly more sinister tone. Both the single-player and co-op parts of this game continue the storyline from the original PORTAL. In the co-op part of the game, you and your partner play as the robots Atlas and P-Body (as seen above).

Both characters have fully functional portal guns and must work together to complete the stages GLaDOS take them through. Players can also interact with each other by harassing each other, hugging, or playing rock-paper-scissors! GLaDOS, who is always watching, will comment on these behaviors, too.

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There are plenty of co-op stages to go through and all of them are decently challenging. In true PORTAL fashion, players can potentially “die” at every turn. Unlike in IBB AND OBB, if one partner dies, the other does not. However, friendly fire is more than possible.

PORTAL video games usually mess with the players’ sense of trust, and the co-op mode is no exception. In fact, it’s pretty fun to kill off your partner. Plus, even if you are the one killed, the spirit of distrust is more amusing than frustrating (until a certain point, of course).

PORTAL 2 alone is available for $19.99 on steam, but you can get both PORTAL video games in a bundle for a $22.48!


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Don’t let the name put you off! WHO’S YOUR DADDY is an absolutely ridiculous game that will have you and your partner laughing the entire time. This game isn’t at all a co-op game. It’s competitive. However, you can also play it with more than two people.

The basic premise of the game is that one person plays as the baby and one person plays as the dad. The baby player attempts to kill themselves while the dad player tries to prevent the baby player from dying. If the baby dies before the time is up (before “mom is home”), the baby wins. If the dad prevents the baby’s death for the whole time, the dad wins.

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This game’s premise works perfectly with its bizarre graphics. Clearly, there’s a certain style that the developers were going for. The game definitely seems to be tilted in the baby’s favor. It’s easy to dash to the kitchen sink and swallow bleach and various dishwashing liquids or take a metal utensil to an outlet. However, the dad has a good shot at winning with baby proofing-materials like child-locks and the “Baby Grabber.”

WHO’S YOUR DADDY is available on steam for $4.99!


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CASTLE CRASHERS is an adorable 2D side-scrolling game that you can play solo or with friends! The best way to play is with at least one partner, though. Both players select a knight to play as with different magical abilities. The basic premise is that several princesses get kidnapped, and the two of you have to save them!

Unlike the other games, CASTLE CRASHERS allows for both cooperative and competitive behavior. Both players can work together to mow down the many enemies that spawn at each point on the map. If one player loses all their health, their partner can resuscitate them on the battlefield so they can continue! Along the way, players get points they can use to increase certain abilities or powers. Later on, both players are pitted against each other in a scene to fight for a kiss from the princess.

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This game is pretty satisfying, especially played co-op. The enemies aren’t too easy to beat but are fun to tear through with some speed. Overall, the gameplay is pretty exciting and relaxing at the same time. Plus, both you and your partner will likely enjoy the adorable art style and simple storyline.

CASTLE CRASHERS is available on Steam for $14.99!


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RISK OF RAIN is probably one of the most intense games on this list. It’s set in the distant future where space travel is common. The premise of this game is that a space train with special cargo that the player is on had crashed. So, the player must fight their way to teleporters to eventually get back to the ship.

This game literally gets more difficult the longer you play it. Every minute you spend on the levels, the more enemies spawn, and the more expensive supporting items become. Plus, if you die, you have to start all over. Your achievements are still documented, but you can’t save the game and return later. Every time the game’s locations are randomized, so you’re never sure what boss you’re going to get when.

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RISK OF RAIN, like CASTLE CRASHERS, allows a maximum of four players at a time. There are 10 different types of characters to choose from, each with a certain set of moves. You will definitely form some sort of solidarity with whoever you play this game with. If you’re not quick enough, both of you will be swarmed by monsters before you can even kill the boss.

RISK OF RAIN is available on Steam for $9.99!

Play the Day Away With Video Games!

While none of these video games are necessarily romantic in their content, they are definitely great ways to spend time with your significant other! Nothing says “I love you” like investing in spending time together. Sometimes these video games will test your communication skills or your patience, but there’s no better way to strengthen your bond with your partner. Whether you want a low-stress game or bonding through trial-by-fire, anything on this list can help with that!

Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck!

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