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Spoiler Warning for ARROW Season 6 Premiere!

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The CW’s ARROW Season 6 premiere finally arrived. However, it doesn’t do the last season justice. This new season fails to provide the same level and depth of drama the end of last season provided. It seems to pepper a few fresh ideas on last season’s skunked storylines. The end result leaves the viewer dissatisfied.

ARROW Season 6 Premiere Recap

Instead of slowly revealing who survived the destruction of Lian Yu, ARROW immediately reveals the team persevered. It also reveals that Oliver and Felicity may get back together. Oliver even tries to connect with his son, but William blames Oliver for his mother’s death.

After her hospitalization following the explosion, Thea fell into a coma. She remains there the entire episode. Slade Wilson visits Oliver in the hospital. He warns him he will have to choose between his son and his city.

Black Siren continues to cause trouble in Star City as the Arrow Season 6 premiere’s big bad. We first sees Black Siren in the flashbacks causing trouble for Black Canary and Quentin Lance. Black Siren has a knife at Black Canary’s throat. Right before Black Siren kills Black Canary, Quentin Lance shoots her.  In the present day it seems she wants revenge on Quentin Lance. She first attacked the police precinct. She attacked the Foundry after and it was revealed that she was after a prototype T-Sphere for reasons unknown.

At the end of the flashbacks, a helicopter goes to the remains of Lian Yu, and a man stands over Black Siren’s “dead” body. The man extends his hand and Black Siren immediately takes it and gets up.

ARROW Season 6 Premiere
Black Siren Returns to cause trouble for Team Arrow. Image courtesy of The CW.

The episode ends with Oliver and Felicity talking on the phone. Felicity tells Oliver to turn on Channel 52. The top news story is that a picture of the Green Arrow has surfaced revealing that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.

1. ARROW Season 6 Premiere: Arrow’s Not-So-Secret Identity

Oliver Queen’s identity has been revealed for the third time after this episode aired. That officially makes it the worst kept secret in Star City. It made sense when Quentin Lance believed Oliver was The Hood in season 1 because The Hood started operating a few days after Oliver came back from Lian Yu.

It worked in Season 3 because Ra’s Al Ghul was determined to get Oliver to join him. To do that, he made sure that Oliver wouldn’t be able to operate in Star City.

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By now it is just ridiculous that people keep thinking Oliver is the Green Arrow. The people in Star City must be stupid if they keep falling for the same thing. Despite so many people in Star City already knowing that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow, the general public went through this at least twice already.

Doing it now doesn’t add any dramatic weight because it has already been done. We all know that Oliver will find some way to convince everyone that he is not the Green Arrow and everything will be back to normal by the end of the next episode.

2. The Suspense in the ARROW Season 6 Premiere

At the end of Season 5, Lian Yu exploded while everyone but Oliver and his son were on it. If Season 6 left everyone else’s fate a mystery, it would have been a more successful premiere. Having the characters believed to be dead would keep the suspense and would allow for more viewers.

More people would be interested to see who made it out alive and how. Instead, Season 6 brought back everyone immediately and barely touched on how they got out. The Season 5 finale held so much emotional weight for fans as it was the end of an era for the show. Season 6 could have been the beginning of a new era starting with Oliver trying to find out if his friends are alive.

Each member of the team should have gotten their own episode to shine. That could still happen as the season continues, but it will not stand out as much going forward. If those episodes were used to show that the character was alive, it would have been more emotional.

Each episode could have shown how the character got out of Lian Yu and how they got separated from the others. If Arrow is going to continue with flashbacks, in my opinion, at least make them about something that audiences want to see.

3. Olicity Returns in the ARROW Season 6 Premiere

Olicity has been going on since arguably Season 2, and it has gotten more annoying ever since. They ran their course years ago, but it seems the producers don’t want to give up on them. The paring should have died after Season 4 ended, but yet it remains.

Just because the two actors have an excellent chemistry with each other doesn’t mean they should remain a couple. The characters don’t strengthen each other at all. Felicity is just a computer hacker while Oliver is a kick-ass vigilante. They don’t work well as a couple.

ARROW Season 6 Premiere
Image courtesy of The CW.

For some reason, The CW has to make Oliver Queen hook up with a blonde hacker. First Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan became a couple on SMALLVILLE. Now Oliver and Felicity are a couple on ARROW.

Felicty Smoak, a proven powerful female, appears to serve no purpose in the ARROW season 6 premiere other than as a love interest. Conversely, Black Canary’s motivations and goals seem much more strongly driven and defined. Green Arrow and Black Canary are one of the most iconic superhero couples in comic books. The tv show needs to embrace the comic history instead of disregarding it.

4. Oliver and Son

The relationship between Oliver and his son William is not explored that much. It is nice that Oliver is trying to bond with his son; though it doesn’t make sense as to why William is rejecting Oliver. In the episode, it is explained that William believes Oliver is responsible for his mother’s murder.

The problem is, in the Season 5 finale, William saw Prometheus was the one responsible for everything. William saw Prometheus kidnap him and then blow up the island.

A more significant argument can be made that because Oliver is a vigilante, William’s mother died. The problem with that case is that Oliver left them alone for a while. He had no contact with William or his mother for their protection. There was nothing else he could do about it. William might as well blame Oliver for existing if he is this mad. His argument has no real merit to it.

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5. ARROW Season 6 Premiere: The Action!

The action in this episode is nothing to be excited about. Oliver has a hard time just taking out one hired goon. The hand to hand combat scenes made it seem like the team should just stick to using guns instead of fighting with fists.

They have certainly made an effort to show more action within the show, but the problem is you mostly see fighting with weapons. The heroes with hand to hand combat experience seem like novices compared to previous seasons.

How to Fix It

Arrow Season 6 is off to a rocky start. But borrowing plot lines from previous seasons isn’t going to make the show more successful. It is only going to turn more people away from the show. If the show wants to attract all audiences, they need to minimize the romance and focus more on the action and story of it all.

Season 5 worked well because the romance wasn’t at the center of it all. It was all about a psychological look inside the mind of Oliver Queen. Season 5 was a character study on Arrow and how everything before has affected him. Season 6 seems to have the theme of Fatherhood.

Specifically Responsibilities of a Father vs. Responsibilities as the Green Arrow. If the show manages to focus more on the theme of the season instead of the soap opera aspect, Arrow Season 6 could be better than Season 5.


  1. Renji Kuriakose

    October 21, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    You can start reading from this article here:
    After that, just follow the reviews from Green Arrow rebirth. The articles should provide you some context into the Green Arrow and Black Canary dynamic that I personally like.


  2. Niki

    October 21, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    That would be acceptable (I’m trying, lol). I do know the story of most Marvel & DC characters. To me Arrow GA is canon (even with the sometimes terrible writing) not the comics. & that’s not going to change. But yes I would like to read what makes you love the comic’s version of GA & BC. I don’t expect it to change my mind or me to persuade you to jump ships. But I can perhaps understand your reasoning and why you are as passionate about them as I am Oliver and Felicity. Thank you.


  3. Renji Kuriakose

    October 21, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    It’s ok that you don’t totally agree on the Olicity front. Though I am glad we were able to discuss this. As for your comic credentials, there are plenty of Comicsverse articles that can tell you what is going on within comics as well. If you want, I could recommend you to some Green Arrow comic articles so that you can see why I like Green Arrow and Black Canary. I don’t expect you to change your opinion but maybe you can see my side a little better than just me explaining to you.


  4. Niki

    October 21, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    You did fix it. Not saying I’m giving your article a thumbs up (you know I still don’t agree) but you did take away the underlying taint that could be misconstrued as sexist. Now I know you didn’t mean it that way in your original text. Isn’t the modern world wonderful? You can have an opinion that’s really innocent but taken the wrong way and complete strangers like me tear you down for it. The great internet can also be the great divider. I’ve learned my lesson here my friend. We might not agree on the Olicity front but I will (hopefully) never jump to conclusions again *finger crossed*. And yes I will read more of your future writings. Don’t know if I’ll react too much cause despite my comic credentials of years ago I grew away from that as time went on. Not very knowledgable anymore. But maybe your articles will take care of that. We can always have hope.


  5. Renji Kuriakose

    October 21, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    Hi Niki,

    Honestly, I think it says so much about what a wonderful and honest person you are by admitting fault. While there was no need to apologize, it is greatly appreciated. You’re right. After reading your response, I could see how what I wrote might be miscontrued so I went ahead and changed it. What do you think? I’m glad you told me because I don’t want people to take it the wrong way. Thank you so much for saying you’ll read the next thing I wrote! I really hope we can have a dialogue on my articles and on Twitter or wherever else. When you disagree with someone about stuff like this, it makes for great discussion and also seeing things in art (and specifically Arrow in this case) that you wouldn’t normally see before. I may disagree with the role of Felicity in Arrow though I think it is nice to have a healthy discussion on tv shows instead of writing something we may regret later on.


  6. Niki

    October 19, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    You are so right about one thing (ha). I know we are all hypocrites at times but I became one today without realizing it by doing something I accuse others online of doing. Lumping people together in one group with the same thoughts and likes etc. In this case comic book canon enthusiasts. I also got personal which I realize was a gut reaction and so very wrong. I have been on the other side of that and it is so unfair so please accept my apology. The sexist thing though-maybe not your real view you can possibly see how it can be construed that way. So many have overlooked this character because she is “just a hacker”. I know why some hate her…the writers are terrible at plot sometimes. But with her apology in 5.20 I’m hoping she’s getting back on track. But the character herself to me overall is one of Oliver’s greatest strengths. Especially in his personal growth. She is his equal (not physically of course) and has never been afraid of his demons inside and out. But that’s enough of that. I like fairness and I’m sorry I might’ve mistook your view. I never thought I would say this but I will read your next column and try and keep an open mind. Thank you for replying with respect. I will do the same.


  7. Renji Kuriakose

    October 19, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Hi Niki,

    First off, thank you for commenting at all. It means a lot to me to hear back from anyone reading my article whether their responses are positive or negative. I absolutely see your point, and it’s great you are sharing it. However, I take umbridge with your referring to me as sexist. My preferences lie in what I believe in best for the show and best for creating drama that we will all love to watch. Naturally, people are going to disagree with it. You clearly feel strongly about what you’re saying, but it doesn’t help your argument to toss such a hard judgement at a stranger for a line in an article they wrote about Arrow, especially when it’s out of context. That being said, I felt you made a lot of great points. I might see things diferently, but I see your perspective. I wish you wouldn’t accuse me of things until you got to know me a little more or until there was evidence in my writing to purport your claim. I also don’t think I have to stop watching simply because I think a storyline should unfold differently. I am a fan of Arrow and always will be. I only want what’s best for the show the same as you do. I only wish you would see my article as I see your response, as my opinion, an opinion I have every right to express as much as you do yours. Even though your response was a little aggressive for my taste. I actually think you had some great ideas. I wouldn’t mind watching your Arrow but like I said, I have my own equally valid ideas! So thank you for commenting. I hope you commment on more of my articles. I appreciate your doing so and getting me to see things from a different perspective. That is also the truth.


  8. Niki

    October 19, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    Some of the worst reasoning I’ve ever read. As a woman who was reading comics probably before you were born I find your explanations to be not only faulty and biased but sexist. The perfect woman for Oliver has to be strong eh? You mean physically strong like the comic book Black Canary. But that is sooo insulting in the first place. This is the 21st century you misogynist. A strong woman doesn’t have to be as adept with the martial arts as Lady Shiva…she can be a “bitch with wifi” who has been the rock of Team Arrow. I’m not going to spend the rest of this going over and over what Felicity is or isn’t. I’ll just say that as a fan of this show I personally hated with a passion whole “I don’t want to be a woman you love” and that stupid Baby Mama drama from season 4 . The writers really did her and fans a disservice with those idiotic plot lines. But Felicity is Oliver’s conscience, his guide and there is nothing that’s going to change that. Season 5 was a step in the right direction because of the focus on a great villian (without magic) and Oliver’s growth as a person. That’s why that ending of flashback with him on the Island escaping was so phenomenal. You see season 1 Oliver the killer and you realize that person is “dead”.He has changed and evolved from that to season 6 Oliver and that is in tv called character progression. The 100th episode showed Oliver’s subconscious what his life would’ve been if he never went on the Gambit. It’s too late for that, he’s not the same person…he doesn’t want that anymore. There was never going to be an Oliver and Black Canary with either of the Lance sisters. (Even if they did have chemistry between the actors) No One would take a woman seriously that reconciled with a serial cheater that slept with her sister. And as far as Sara goes, she loved Oliver but was in love with Nyssa. And Oliver was too damaged emotionally (PTSD) at that time for anything that would’ve been normal. Hints of his feelings for Felicity were there though. If you weren’t so biased for comic canon you’d admit the truth. Now we can have the action, the home life sans drama and the bad guys too. Stop watching if you can’t take it. The furor today with comic fans over Bruce Wayne’s name being spoken on the show tonight was ridiculous. All the supremely stupid guessing about when Batman will come on Arrow (never) and blah blah blah just shows how out of touch you all are. This is a business run by executives and producers. They give no care for comics. That’s why Emily Bett Rickards was kept on the show despite supposedly being a guest for one episode. Her charm and chemistry with Stephen landed her there. If you are writing about tv shows maybe you should educate yourself more about show business. You won’t read so biased and clueless then. But you can always console yourself with reading the popular Green Arrow comic (when are those movies coming out by the way) which Arrow tv show IS NOT and never will be. That’s called the truth.


  9. Gale Peacock

    October 19, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    I’m not sure if you understood what you watched regarding Olicity, but Felicity never told Oliver she wouldn’t date him. Go ahead, watch that scene again. It’s got some very interesting dialogue because the writers kept it very vague — I’m guessing for a future reveal that’s meant to shock. Just hints here and there of something … If you want to keep writing about shows, it helps to understand what actually is going on onscreen. Just a pro tip.


  10. Gale Peacock

    October 19, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Yes, Felicity didn’t do much of anything in the Season 6 premiere BUT the past five seasons have shown her to be an independent character, one that actually has storylines independent of Oliver (and not just given to her because they want her away from A story and Oliver like they did with Laurel back in Season 2). She also spent the past four seasons having a huge role in saving the city, Oliver, even the world. So I’ll give her a pass for Season 5.

    Arrow has repeatedly said it’s the TV show and not the comics, this argument that the Green Arrow and Black Canary have to be together is utterly ridiculous. So basically you want the show to throw away five seasons of a romance they’ve been telling just because, what, comics? Again, TV show doesn’t equal comics. Not in this case anyway. And the CW didn’t have to hook up Oliver with a blonde hacker. It just so happened that the character Stephen Amell sparked with was blonde, and yeah, the character was that of a hacker. Pure coincidence. Not a “have to.”

    Given all the ridiculousness in this article, this is the part that made me laugh out loud: “Just because the two actors have an excellent chemistry with each other doesn’t mean they should remain a couple.” Do you know how many TV executives would love to be able to bottle this kind of chemistry and replicate it? Andrew Kreisberg himself said how important that is. TV shows are a business, ways to make money. If your main couple doesn’t have chemistry, your show sinks, no one will watch. Why the heck do you think Arrow moved away from Oliver/Laurel faster than Barry running for coffee? Arrow wanted to be successful. And yes, that means going with the excellent chemistry rather than the dull one.


  11. Maria

    October 19, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    This comment is so ridiculous. You watched one episode out of 23 episodes to come. Felicity has saved everyone’s life one way or another throughout all the other 5 seasons aired. I feel bad for people who don’t like Felicity because it makes them write stuff like your comment that makes no sense and it makes people think you really don’t watch the show.


  12. Renji Kuriakose

    October 19, 2017 at 11:01 am

    It is not just because Green Arrow and Black Canary were together in the comics that I want to see them together in the show. Black Canary is an essential part of the Green Arrow mythos and it shows. Felicity literally didn’t do anything in the season premiere except bring everyone Big Belly Burger and then tell Oliver that she wasn’t ready to date him. Women don’t have to wear costumes and kick ass to be strong but Felicity hasn’t done anything to prove she is an independent character.


  13. Liz

    October 19, 2017 at 10:52 am

    Felicity is a strong female so I’m more than happy to see her with Oliver. Your view that only women who wear costumes and kicks ass are strong is outdated and reeks of misogyny. As far as I’m concerned just because GA and BC were together in the comics doesn’t mean they have to be together on the show.


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