Happy Pride from all of us here at ComicsVerse! We may live in dreary, even ugly times, but Pride Month is a reminder that there is at least one beautiful thing in the world: our diverse gender and sexual identities. Indeed, there are multiple ways to celebrate our beauty. From attending parades to wearing your pride or allyship on your literal sleeve and more, there are few wrong ways to get your pride on. One of our favorite ways, however, is supporting queer comics Kickstarters and webcomics.

So below are five queer comics Kickstarters and webcomics. We hope these projects pique your interest in crowdsourced LGBTQ+ comics and give you another reason to be prideful.

1. I AM HEXED #1

5 Queer Comics Kickstarters and Webcomics
Image courtesy of the I AM HEXED #1 team (Little Corvus, Thompson, Gillenardo-Goudreau, and Esposito).

With the tagline “equality is magic,” what is there not to love about the campaign? This bewitching, 24-page first issue of a new comic series takes place in an alternate version of Washington D.C. where witches are a politically-active identity group rallying for equality. Within this world, Charlotte Helm, staff member to a senator under fire for corruption, must navigate hot political and magical waters with her ex-girlfriend and allies.

The I AM HEXED #1 team — writer Kristen Thompson, interior artist Christianne Gillenardo-Goudreau, letterer Taylor Esposito, and cover artist Little Corvus — have what could be a promising spiritual successor to IDW’s THE INFINITE LOOP. Like THE INFINITE LOOP, I AM HEXED #1 looks to be a thoughtful political thriller. Regardless, where they take their powerful message, bright artwork, and the compelling world will be interesting to watch. While the comic has met its goal (woohoo!), a number of stretch goals — including initial funding for I AM HEXED #2 — are up for grabs! So don’t miss your chance to support this spellbinding queer comics series.

The I AM HEXED #1 Kickstarter ends on Wednesday, July 18th at 3:11 PM EDT. To pledge or to learn more about this Kickstarter, check out the campaign here

A Positive Future in ALL WE EVER WANTED Kickstarter


5 Queer Comics Kickstarters and Webcomics
Image courtesy of The Boston Comics Roundtable.

Comic anthologies are the open buffet of comic books. A comfortingly familiar genre follows a pleasantly unfamiliar premise that you would never buy as a standalone comic but because it is here, why not give it a go? You can speed read through an anthology in one sitting, yet come back to re-taste that one comic that stood out from the pack to you. Therefore, comic anthologies offer diversity in art styles, premises, and narratives under one unified theme. In short, comic anthologies offer the best of all worlds. This is why comic anthologies are the perfect vessel to discuss sexualities and genders.

The BEING TRUE LGBTQ COMICS ANTHOLOGY, organized and published by the Boston Comics Roundtable, is such a vessel. Within the roughly 85 black-and-white page anthology lies, according to the Kickstarter, a “blend [of] fiction and nonfiction, from fantasy and superhero comics to real and touching stories from the artists’ lives.” These artists, a mix of Boston-based and international creators, are coming together to produce a sincere work supporting LGBTQ+ narratives and locally-produced comics. In short, BEING TRUE LGBTQ COMICS ANTHOLOGY has everything going for it — and for you, if this is one of the queer comics Kickstarters you back.

The BEING TRUE LGBTQ COMICS ANTHOLOGY Kickstarter ended Thursday, June 28th at 11:59 PM EDT. To learn more about this Kickstarter, check out the campaign here, or ask for it at a comic shop near you!


High school is an awkward time for everyone. But if you are navigating your sexuality or gender on top of trying to fit in, life can be challenging. Therefore, comics for young adults offer a great opportunity to provide a representation of young LGBTQ+ people for young LGBTQ+ people. Alice Oseman‘s HEARTSTOPPER Vol. 1 brings the excitement — and stress — of queer young adulthood to life. Oseman combines an unlikely pair — the nerdy but gifted Charlie and the sweet and confident rugby player Nick — in the 288-page black-and-white paperback. Charlie and Nick have instant, if confusing, chemistry. The two may be different, but their friendship — or more? — overcomes the barriers between their emerging identities and social groups.

5 Queer Comics Kickstarters and Webcomics
Image courtesy of HEARTSTOPPER by Alice Oseman.

HEARTSTOPPER is an ongoing series that debuted on Tumblr in 2016. However, the Kickstarter offers rewards including the book itself and other fantastic merch. And nothing says “Pride” like an LGBTQ+ comic enamel pin! HEARTSTOPPER Vol. 1 brings important representation to young adult readers and will win your heart in no time.

The HEARTSTOPPER Kickstarter ends July 20th at 5:31 am EDT. To pledge or to learn more about this Kickstarter, check out the campaign here

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Ngozi Ukazu‘s webcomic CHECK, PLEASE! chronicles the life of young figure-skating champion Eric “Bitty” Bittle as he starts life at college on a hockey scholarship. Ukazu’s bright artwork, humor, and sports-anime style make for an appealingly cute comic. Bitty is a lovable young man who bonds with the hockey team bros, despite their many differences. CHECK, PLEASE!, therefore, emphasizes the importance of being yourself, baking pies, and making new friends.

5 Queer Comics Kickstarters and Webcomics
Image courtesy of CHECK, PLEASE!: YEAR THREE by Ngozi Ukazu.

CHECK, PLEASE!: YEAR THREE follows the footsteps of successfully backed queer comics Kickstarters for CHECK, PLEASE!: YEAR ONE and YEAR TWO! The upbeat collection can’t help but make readers smile as they watch Bitty’s life at college unfold. Moreover, CHECK, PLEASE! puts toxic masculinity in check as Bitty navigates life with the hockey bros.

The CHECK, PLEASE!: YEAR THREE Kickstarter has reached its goal, but you can share the project and keep up with Ukazu’s Kickstarter (and wait for YEAR FOUR!) here


5 Queer Comics Kickstarters and Webcomics
Image courtesy of Hari Conner.

Just like CHECK PLEASE!, FINDING HOME is a popular ongoing webcomic series with a fanbase that saw this Kickstarter to completion. Still, with artwork this stunning and a story this moving, FINDING HOME Vol. 1: THE TRAVELLER and creator Hari Conner deserve a shoutout on our list. For those who have yet to check out this free webcomic here, FINDING HOME is the slowly-paced, atmospheric romance between loner wood nymph Chepi and homeward-bound human Janek. As the two embark on their journey through lush, fantasy landscapes, the closer the two become entwined with one another on their single path.

As previously stated, this first volume of three (containing the first four chapters of the webcomic) reached its goal. However, do not let that deter you from supporting this story! There are other reasons to check out FINDING HOME. Firstly, there is a case for fantasy as an ideal genre to explore queer identities. Furthermore, in our current comics culture of fast action in urban settings (see most Marvel and DC comics), FINDING HOME takes its time with Chepi and Janek. Their personalities and relationship are set against nature, where the beauty of the page is equal to the beauty of the characters. In our chaotic world, FINDING HOME offers a quiet, deep exploration of and appreciation for nature and love. And isn’t that what Pride Month is about: to explore and appreciate nature and love? No comic is more deserving of your attention this Pride than FINDING HOME.

The FINDING HOME Vol. 1: THE TRAVELLER Kickstarter just ended, but pre-orders are available here!

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