AVENGERS: ENDGAME is so close to release; every MCU fan is on the edge of their seat waiting for it. Marvel has released three trailers for the movie and a single 30-second TV spot. The third AVENGERS: ENDGAME trailer features a lot of new content that has fans buzzing for more. With little info coming from Marvel, fans continue to watch the trailers over and over to hold them off until the release of the movie. It is these trailers we grasp onto over and over until the movie is released on April 26, but we shouldn’t be grasping onto them tightly.

In an interview with Movieweb, the Russo brothers have stated,

“We can manipulate through CG to tell a story that we want to tell specifically for the purpose of the trailer and not for the film.”

I’m sure many fans already suspect this, myself included, but it was nice to hear it from the masterminds behind the hit movie franchise. So what parts of the AVENGERS ENDGAME trailers are real and fake? What is there and is not there? Below are the top 5 scenes in the trailer that may be different from the real movie.

1. Are Tony and Nebula Really Back?

One shot that made all fans stand up and cheer was the line-up in Avengers’ headquarters during the second trailer. The group features the remaining Avengers except for Captain Marvel, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Rocket, and Thor. However, the two big eye openers are Nebula and Tony Stark. Throughout both — the trailer and the TV spot — we see both of these characters stuck on the Benatar without food and air. It’s likely this scene has been altered in some way.

Avengers Endgame Nebula
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

In the very first trailer, we get shots of a similar line-up without the white suits. Thor and Rocket were also in that first line-up shot so there’s a good chance none of these scenes are in the final cut of the movie. The Russo brothers kept tugging at our heartstrings because of the tease of the first meeting between Tony and Steve since CIVIL WAR. We can expect the meeting to be a big moment within AVENGERS: ENDGAME because those relationships are still fractured. Steve and Tony are going to have to put aside their differences and work together in order to defeat the mad titan.

2. Who Else Is in That Field?

During the Super Bowl, Marvel released a 30-second TV spot showcasing a few new shots. One of those shots is Natasha, Steve, Bruce, and Rhodey walking into a field outside of Avengers HQ. The grass is blowing in the wind and the group is looking up to the sky. There is a good chance this scene is when Nebula and Tony return to Earth in the Benatar. This would make sense for the aforementioned line-up scene in trailer two, but you already know my feelings on that scene. Anyway, it is not what they are looking at that is interesting…

It’s the strange open space between Bruce and Rhodie that has fans talking. It is unnaturally wide for someone not to be standing there. Who might that person be? Carol Danvers is the best bet. After seeing her own movie, an after credit scene features her meeting Natasha, Rhodie, and Steve after they have finished talking about her pager. She is most likely in that field with four other characters. The reason the Russo brothers covered her up in the trailer was due to CAPTAIN MARVEL not being released yet.

3. Where is Tony’s Wound from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR?

INFINITY WAR saw the decimation of half of our beloved Avengers. Tony Stark almost died for them, however. If Doctor Strange would not have given Thanos a time stone then Iron Man would have been dead well before the dreaded snap. Thanos stabbed him in the abdomen with his own weapon, which he then filled with a sealant of some kind. This doesn’t necessarily fix the problem right away.

Did he receive a permanent solution from Nebula or equipment from the Benatar?

Avengers Endgame Tony Stark
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

If my predictions are right about Tony and Nebula being digitally added to the AVENGERS: ENDGAME trailer line-up, then the only other footage we have seen of Tony is on the Guardians’ ship. Is it possible that this fan-favorite character dies in space with a complete stranger? I find it unlikely, but I believe Tony is worse off than the trailer leads us to believe. The stab wound was pretty bad and recovering from it in a short time seems unlikely without any advanced technology. Let’s just hope Nebula has something hidden in her robotic sleeve.

4. What Are Those Fight Scenes From?

Within each trailer, we see snippets of a fight scene that is boggling many of our minds. The Marvel boss himself, Kevin Feige, said in an interview with MTV News that the trailers only show about the first 15 minutes of the movie. That is a very small amount of a three hour and two-minute film. I cannot imagine what we will see in ENDGAME, but I do know a lot of it will be a surprise.

One such surprise we may see is the fight scenes we see in the trailer. Do these scenes take place 15 or 20 minutes into the movie? Who would the Avengers be fighting early on? Many theorize that the group is trying to take on Thanos right after the snap. This doesn’t make much sense, though, because Cap doesn’t have his beard and Nebula is seen in this fight sequence. I am not sure where those scenes come from, but I can guarantee they will give us some surprises when we see AVENGERS ENDGAME later this month.

5. What Is It With Everyone’s Hair?

Was Steve Rogers’ beard a victim of the snap? AVENGERS: ENDGAME makes it look like that. Many fans were sad to see the shaving of Cap’s beard from INFINITY WAR, but it does raise some questions in terms of when this movie takes place. Natasha’s hair also changes throughout each trailer, making us ask more and more questions.

Avengers Endgame Captain America
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

There is a chance Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson shot different versions of themselves for the movie. Maybe the Russo brothers are trying to throw us off from the different looks of these characters. In all of the marketing material for ENDGAME, we see Cap without his beard, however, in CAPTAIN MARVEL’s after credit scene, he is seen with his beard. These inconsistencies are making fans question what is real and what isn’t.

Furthermore, Natasha’s hair is seen as three different lengths and a different color at one point. Do the first 15 minutes of the movie cover a large amount of time? That may be the case considering the world has gotten the lights back on and they’ve created support groups for those who were lost. This would also make sense as to why Natasha’s hair is different throughout. Or maybe the trailer is lying to us like the Russo brothers love to do.

AVENGERS: ENDGAME: “Whatever It Takes!”

Regardless, the first 15 minutes of AVENGERS: ENDGAME will surely set us up for an epic climax of the Infinity Saga. Continue to watch the AVENGERS: ENDGAME trailer, but take every scene with a grain of salt. It is important to take note of what may or may not be in these trailers because when we make it to the theater when the movie hits, we could be seeing an entirely different movie. 

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