Welcome to our weekly “Five for the Fandom” series! Every week, we at ComicsVerse pick your favorite fandoms and suggest comics that would suit your tastes. We base this on visual appeal, running themes, and comparable characters. This week, we discuss comics relating to THE HUNGER GAMES.

Dystopian worlds are some of my favorite settings to read. I love seeing how alternate worlds compare to our own. I’m a sucker for politically charged ideas and collapsing governments, giving us a rough and bitter political upheaval. Suzanne Collin’s THE HUNGER GAMES brings these things to the table, giving us violence and a rebellious world that is comparable to our own. Now that the book and movie series are over, what will you do, dear fan?

Well, lucky for you, we have some ideas.

1. WHITE NOISE by Adrien Lee

If you love when fantasy meets crazy adventure, you’re in luck. WHITE NOISE by Adrien Lee centers the story on a brother and sister, Hawk and Liliya. An attack on their home breaks the pair up, forcing Hawk to find his sister. The story is set in a world where humans and “monsters” co-exist but are not cohabitants. I use “monsters” because, honestly, they really aren’t monsters. Really, these “monsters” are otherworldly terrestrials. They’re powerful and resemble different gods, demons, and mythological creatures. However, it seems humans are more monster than the “monsters” who tried to create a colony on Earth. Humans are killing monsters at an alarming rate, creating friction between the two worlds. It definitely makes tracking your sister down much harder.

White Noise Hunger Games
Image courtesy of Adrien Lee.

The world Hawk and Liliya live in is similar to Katniss’. THE HUNGER GAMES presents readers with two different governments: President Snow’s and Coin’s. However, neither government seems trustworthy and (spoiler alert) they aren’t. WHITE NOISE gives readers similar types of government. Although the humans are absolutely in the wrong, the “monsters” aren’t really holding up a great government either. This also compares to how important it is for the “monsters” to take care of each other. While all these terrible things are happening, “monsters” are constantly encouraging one another to take care and watch each other’s back. It’s similar to how Katniss handled the Hunger Games. She teamed up with people, even if it was just for a moment, in order to survive.

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Lucky for us, you can read each comic free online! It’s an ongoing series that currently has six different issues.

2. BITCH PLANET by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro

Complacency is key to the patriarchal world of BITCH PLANET. However, not all women are complacent. In Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro’s story, things that seem minor, such as gaining weight or disagreeing with a man, could wind any woman up on Bitch Planet. When women break social norms, they are sent to this prison in space. However, the women of BITCH PLANET won’t take your shit. The comic is empowering and bold, addressing both societal and political issues. Women end up on Bitch Planet for a number of reasons, and this dystopian world compares to how women are treated in reality. If women gain a little weight, they could end up on Bitch Planet for violating physical appearance laws. By contrast, in our world, women who are overweight are over-scrutinized and condemned.

Bitch Planet Hunger Games
Image courtesy of Image Comics

BITCH PLANET incorporates a diverse cast, which is something THE HUNGER GAMES also tries to reflect. DeConnick made sure to create a realistic prison, reflecting a prison population that is almost too close for comfort. It’s also really nice to see female leads that aren’t stereotypical. Although Katniss does have her shortcomings, she isn’t a girl who will just tolerate being shoved around. Neither do the women of BITCH PLANET. Although the series isn’t complete, here’s to hoping these women create a revolution.

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Image Comics currently has two trade paperbacks of BITCH PLANET out. Although the next arc is still being worked on, there is still a silver lining. DeConnick and De Landro are releasing the BITCH PLANET: TRIPLE FEATURE mini series, giving us a full perception of their patriarchal world.

3. YOUNG TERRORISTS by Matt Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan

This comic needs to be more popular than it is. The story of YOUNG TERRORISTS centers on Sera, the daughter of a politician. When her father is blown up in a coffee shop, Sera is the first suspect. When asked to search her high school locker, officers find weapons and explosives. She insists that even though that was her locker, the lock itself was not hers. This leads her down a path of constant fighting. The whole incident seems like a setup, but who is actually to blame?

Young Terrorists Hunger Games
Image courtesy of Black Mask Studios

Sera and Katniss both have a strong desire to protect their family. After escaping detainment, Sera starts the search for her brother who is presumed to be a captive. There is also a heavy lean towards whether or not the government played a role in this whole disaster, blurring the lines between good and evil. This story also has no limit to teenage gore. Although she is just finishing high school, Sera becomes a top-of-the-line fighter. In one scene, she manages to break a fighter’s leg clean in half with a swift kick. How Sera protects herself and her family would make Katniss proud.

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Black Mask Studios production of the comic has been a little iffy. The fate of this comic is not certain; however, the issues that are out will definitely keep you busy. Their binding is thicker, giving the reader 80 pages of reading material. So it will keep you busy for a while.

4. SNOWFALL by Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo

Taking place in the Cooperative States of America, SNOWFALL gives readers a giant “what-if.” What if our environment was absolutely totaled and barren? What if it no longer snowed and a corporation, rather than a person, was president of our country? What if a corporation had personhood? This is the world of SNOWFALL, which gives us a hero called the White Wizard. This wizard uses the very weather we have destroyed in order to wage an all-out war on this government. In a dry, isolated area, the Winter Wizard can make it randomly snow. By contrast, the government uses the weather in order to continually oppress and profit off of lower class people. The divide between the have and have-nots has become too great. The White Wizard is part of the resistance, fighting against the bloated government. Will his attempts to free the people work? Or is he going to bite the dust? (Get it? Because there’s no snow and it’s mostly desert?)

Snowfall Hunger Games
Image courtesy of Image Comics

Both THE HUNGER GAMES and SNOWFALL deal with governments that demand control over their people. THE HUNGER GAMES controls people through the yearly Hunger Games, forcing children to kill one another. SNOWFALL, by contrast, uses the environment in order to maintain control. The drought that the people in SNOWFALL face forces them to rely on their government. They do this by creating a demand for water, a basic human necessity.

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SNOWFALL has completed its run and has a trade paperback out now.

5. TANK GIRL by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin

The writer of TANK GIRL takes dystopian worlds and flips them on their head. Where most texts about these worlds are often dark, TANK GIRL gives us a more upbeat world. Living in a tank, Tank Girl and her boyfriend, Booga, take on a series of missions until she makes a serious mistake. Tank Girl is inevitably declared an outlaw because of her sexual exploits and drug use. This comic is absolutely not for the faint of heart. Although TANK GIRL is popular with teenagers, younger readers should probably avoid it.

Tank Girl Hunger Games
Image courtesy of Titan Comics

Both TANK GIRL and HUNGER GAMES provide readers with a powerful female lead. Tank Girl does what she has to do to protect the people she cares about. Nefarious kangaroos are constantly hunting Booga and herself because of the bounty on her head. Katniss finds herself in a similar situation. In order to save her sister, she openly sacrifices herself. Although the art style can feel a little cluttered, it reminds the reader of the chaos Tank Girl lives in. Much like Katniss’ world, the world of Tank Girl has fallen apart. She is hunted but plans on remaining the hunter.

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Titan Books offers many different renditions of TANK GIRL. Of course, there is the original, but there is also 21st CENTURY TANK GIRL, TANK GIRL: APOCALYPSE, TANK GIRL: WORLD WAR TANK GIRL, and TANK GIRL GOLD. That should be a good start into the world of TANK GIRL for you.

Honorable Mention: CENTRAILIA 2050 by Michelle

Centrailia is a place where you are constantly being watched. There are surveillance cameras everywhere, and you have to be careful of what you say. CENTRAILIA 2050 is a futuristic world where people have gone missing. Michelle focuses the story on Midori, a woman who stumbles into Centrailia without any memories. While wandering around, Midori is suddenly followed by a group of robots called Seekers. A man named Grey sees Midori destroy the robots and proceeds to help her hide. Midori doesn’t remember anything but is constantly having dreams of this young girl. She doesn’t know anything about the girl — only details of these dreams. But the girl in the dream is asking for help, and Midori will do anything she can to help this girl. Even if it means pestering Grey and never leaving his house until he agrees to help her. Grey decides to help Midori find this girl so Midori will finally leave his apartment.

Cetrailia 2050
Image courtesy of Michelle

Although it fits into the molds of THE HUNGER GAMES, this story may be a little too cutesy. It has more fun and happy moments in it than the other texts do. Although it strays a little away from a serious narrative, that does not take away from the great story itself.

The webcomic is an ongoing series. They update every Friday, so be sure to check this comic out!

Lucky for you, dear reader, there are so many comics to choose from! This should tie you off and keep you good until next week. The best part is, you don’t have to pick just one! Leave a comment and let us know what you picked!

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