“5 for the Fandom” is a new weekly feature from ComicsVerse. We pick five comic series that, because of their kindred characters, similar aesthetics or shared themes, specifically appeal to your fandom. Our first fandom is none other than the king (or queen?) of fandoms: GAME OF THRONES!

You’re totally caught up with the episodes. Maybe you’ve even read the books. But now how do you occupy yourself in between Sundays? We have a few ideas! ComicsVerse has selected five comics just for GAME OF THRONES fans. Winter has arrived in Westeros, so grab your goblet of wine, curl up by your fire-breathing dragon, and check out these great comics!

1. ELFQUEST by Wendy and Richard Pini

Maybe GAME OF THRONES was your first foray into fantasy. You might be wondering where to go from there. How about ELFQUEST? Created by Wendy and Richard Pini in 1971, ELFQUEST follows four different tribes of elves: The Wolfriders, the Sun Folk, the Gliders, and the Go-Backs, all descendants of an alien race called Ancient Ones. The original plot, known as the “Grand Quest” or the “Original Quest,” focuses on the displaced Wolfriders after humans set fire to their forest. What follows is an epic fantasy adventure that has gained a cult following. With its warring factions and in-depth lore, GAME OF THRONES fans will undoubtedly find a tribe to align with in ELFQUEST that might rival their dedication to House Stark or House Targaryen.

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Image courtesy of Warp Graphics

ELFQUEST has been in publication since 1978, so there is a plethora of material to quench your fantasy thirst. The series has spawned a massive universe with lots of spin-off material including three novelizations. Additionally, you can find every issue of ELFQUEST published before 2014 online free of charge.

ELFQUEST: THE FINAL QUEST, published by Dark Horse Comics, is ongoing and issue #21 will be released this August. Now is the perfect time to catch up!

2. MONSTRESS by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda

There’s no doubt in my mind that MONSTRESS’ protagonist, Maika Halfwolf, could give the Mother of Dragons a run for her money. Much like Daenerys, she wields a frightening and ancient power that she doesn’t quite have control over. Set in a matriarchal but totally fucked up society, MONSTRESS serves up a wealth of female characters issue after issue. Like GAME OF THRONES, this Image series features plenty of characters for you to love and love to hate. Seriously, there are villains in this series that make Cersei look like a saint.

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Image courtesy of Image Comics

MONSTRESS is an explicitly violent tale in a fully-realized fantasy universe inspired by 20th century Asia. The series’ visuals are unparalleled and intricate, featuring beautiful textile designs. Thanks to Sana Takeda’s work, MONSTRESS is one of the most stunning comics I’ve ever laid eyes on. Furthermore, Marjorie Liu’s story is absolutely heart-wrenching. The narrative also serves as a commentary on slavery and racism, so don’t venture into this one expecting a light read. MONSTRESS is not only one of the best series currently running, but one that is sure to appeal specifically to GAME OF THRONES fans.

With the second story arc wrapping up in May, MONSTRESS #13 looks like it will be released this fall.

3. AGE OF BRONZE by Eric Shanower

AGE OF BRONZE is a critically-acclaimed retelling of the Trojan War, with every detail based on mythological, literary, or archaeological sources. Like GAMES OF THRONES, details matter in AGE OF BRONZE. In fact, Eric Shanower won the Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist in 2001 and 2003 for his work on the series. AGE OF BRONZE is both violent, sexy, and sometimes shocking, much like GAME OF THRONES. However, it’s also educational, so you can totally justify reading it.

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Image courtesy of Image Comics

In AGE OF BRONZE, the choices of the few affect the lives of the many and threaten to disrupt the balance of the world. The series is complete with the sprawling battles and palace intrigue that you’ve come to expect from GAME OF THRONES. Of course, Homer’s work is kind of the original fantasy epic, right? George R.R. Martin who?

Four volumes of AGE OF BRONZE are available, with three more volumes in the works. Catch up now before the Trojan Horse passes you by!

4. THE SPIRE by Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely

While not as brutal or serious as MONSTRESS, THE SPIRE does hit a lot of the same notes. BOOM! Studios’ THE SPIRE is visually stunning, takes place in an imaginative universe, and features a female protagonist. However, Jeff Stokely’s aesthetic is a bit more steampunk, and the tone created by Simon Spurrier’s writing is tongue-in-cheek at times.

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Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios

In THE SPIRE, Shå, the Commander of the Watch, must prove herself to the tiered city’s newest Spire-Baroness by solving a string of mysterious murders. In the face of this unknown threat as well as the bigotry she endures as one of “the sculpted,” a type of mutated human, Shå is as fearless and full of moxie as Arya Stark. She would fit right into the unforgiving world of Westeros. And I bet she wouldn’t even lose her sense of humor.

If you’re new to comics and not quite ready to commit to an ongoing series like ELFQUEST, MONSTRESS, or AGE OF BRONZE, THE SPIRE is perfect for you. The entire eight issue, Eisner-nominated series can be purchased in a single collection.

5. STAND STILL. STAY SILENT by Minna Sundberg

GAME OF THRONES is undeniably influenced by Nordic culture. In fact, some fans have even theorized that A Song of Ice and Fire is an interpretation of Ragnarok, an apocalyptic event from Norse mythology. In this spirit, I would be remiss if I didn’t give you something a little bit Nordic and apocalyptic.

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Image courtesy of Minna Sundberg

Unlike GAME OF THRONES’ medieval-inspired setting, STAND STILL. STAY SILENT takes place in the future, 90 years after the end of the world. This webcomic offers a fresh take on both the apocalyptic and fantasy genres, following a research crew who ventures into the Silent World to explore the ruins and uncover the past. Finish-Swedish creator Minna Sundberg cites the influence of Nordic mythology in the creation of this series, which she has been working on since 2013. Like GAME OF THRONES, STAND STILL. STAY SILENT is extremely character-driven, with seemingly ordinary people finding themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

STAND STILL. STAY SILENT updates four days a week. Because the series is available online for free, you can support Sundberg’s work by purchasing physical copies of the comic, e-books, and even merch here.

Honorable Mention: A GAME OF THRONES by Daniel Abraham and Tommy Paterson

I’m going to take a leap and say that most people who have watched GAME OF THRONES haven’t read the source material. For readers who are less than voracious, a 700-page book (let alone several 700-page books) is not only dense and but very intimidating. Furthermore, the transition from a visual medium such as television to one solely of text can be difficult and a bit dry. The comic adaption of A Game of Thrones, the first novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, makes for a perfect compromise for these fans.

Image courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment

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A GAME OF THRONES from Dynamite Entertainment closely follows the plot points of the first novel. Adapted by writer Daniel Abraham and artist Tommy Paterson, the comic nevertheless offers its own interpretation of the books and is not directly based on the television series, unlike the Telltale game and other spin-off media. If you wanted a new perspective on the characters you’ve grown to love (and hate), this series is perfect for you.

What comic will you be picking up to fill the agonizing wait between Sundays? Let us know in the comments below, as well as your comic book suggestions for fellow GAME OF THRONES fans!

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