As National Women’s History Month comes to a close, it seems like there isn’t enough time to honor all the incredible women in our lives. Honestly, women deserve to be celebrated 365 days a year. But if we get to have a month dedicated solely to us and the incredible things we’ve done, we’ll take it. No questions asked.

But let’s not limit it to the real women in our lives. The following anime women are badass to the core. Each of them is a fierce warrior in their own way. Through their strength, resilience, courage, and intellect, they’ve left lasting impressions on us. And being badass isn’t just limited to one’s physical strength. Some of these characters are simply headstrong women that will stand up for themselves and the people they love. All of these reasons are why we think their worth remembering this Women’s History Month. So in no particular order, here are our five favorite badass anime women.


Izumi Curtis with her students
Mama bear Izumi looking out for her students | Image: Crunchyroll

No matter what version of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST is your favorite, no fan can deny this one truth: Izumi Curtis is a badass.

Alchemist, teacher, fighter, and housewife, Izumi’s not a woman to be messed with. Her bear of a husband Sig might seem like the powerhouse, but Izumi is full of surprises. She can handle herself coolly in just about any situation, whether that means taking out a grizzly with her bare hands or saving a town from a flood with her alchemy.

Despite having seen the Truth and gaining the rare ability to transmute without a circle, Izumi never lets that power define her. Hard work with your own two hands is the philosophy Izumi lives by. Izumi really only shows her true alchemical skills when others need her help. But no matter what she accomplishes or what cost she pays, Izumi will insist she is just a housewife. She’s not a woman who needs rank or status to prove she’s a badass. She just is. (Kaitie Kwiatkowski)

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Anime Women: Bulma from DRAGON BALL SUPER
Bulma the Riveter | Image: Crunchyroll

This might be a surprising choice, but Bulma is definitely one of anime’s most badass female characters. It’s true she won’t be on the front lines with Goku and Vegeta defending the universe from danger. Afterall, she has no fighting ability, she can’t turn super saiyan, and her loud personality annoys a lot of people. But many fans overlook Bulma’s virtues because they focus on her vices.

Bulma’s categorical strength is being a support character. She’s someone who works behind the scenes and handles all the unsexy work Goku doesn’t do. Bulma gathers the dragon balls, creates strategies to defeats enemies, builds gadgets to assist her comrades in battle, and so much more. She shows her utility in DRAGON BALL GT when she builds a machine that unlocks Vegeta’s super saiyan 4 form and completely bypasses super saiyan 3.

Bulma is, without a doubt, a criminally underrated character. She’s a mother of two Saiyan children, a job made extra stressful because they fly around the house and destroy everything in their path. Bulma married Vegeta in DRAGON BALL Z, but he’s always off somewhere training. She’s essentially a single mother raising two destructive children but does a stellar job despite this handicap. Bulma also does a great job balancing her highly stressful career with her family life. Bulma might not be strong, but she isn’t afraid to mix it up with anyone. She slapped the God of Destruction Beerus once for attacking her husband, a bold move to say the least.

Bulma’s hard work ethic definitely makes her one of anime’s best role model for female viewers. She turned out pretty well for someone who once tried gathering all seven dragon balls to wish for a boyfriend! (Matthew Karban)

Mikasa Ackerman – ATTACK ON TITAN

The one-woman army, Mikasa Ackerman| Image: ATTACK ON TITAN Wikia

Mikasa Ackerman witnessed both her parents murder at a young age when a group of men attempted to kidnap both her mother and her to be sold into slavery. With the help of her friend and rescuer Eren Jaeger, Mikasa found an inner strength. Since that day, Mikasa has been withdrawn and very serious. She grew up in the Jaeger household and her most valued possession is her friendship with Eren and Armin Arlert. When Eren joined the Survey Corps, the most dangerous division of the military, she joined too in order to protect them.

Mikasa is a certified BAMF. She’s been a skilled fighter since she was a child, often acting as Eren’s protector from town bullies. She graduated at the top of her training class. Her love for Eren and Armin has driven her to perform great feats of heroism. In the battle against the Female Titan, she almost kills the titan single-handedly, even after all else had failed. There are very few anime which elevate a woman as stronger than her male contemporaries. There are few examples of this in pop culture period. But in ATTACK ON TITAN, Mikasa is humanity’s strongest fighter. She’s a true bad-ass. (Chris Hubbard)

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Alphard Alshua – CANAAN

Alphard looking ready to f*** s*** up | Image: CANAAN Wikia

When I hear the words “badass anime women,” Alphard Alshua comes to mind immediately. She may not be wholesome and heroic, but her ferocity and hardheartedness make her beyond cool to watch. Alphard is the main antagonist from the 13-episode anime CANAAN. The entire anime has badass anime women, including the titular protagonist Canaan. Canaan and Alphard are rival Middle Eastern assassin/mercenaries and they are both insanely skilled. The anime mainly centers on the duality of these two, Canaan has compassion and acts as a civilian protector against terrorists while Alphard is unfeeling and the sole leader of a global terrorist group called Snake. Canaan targets her for not just being the leader of Snake, but for also having killed the master that trained them both, Siam.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen CANAAN, but one thing that has stuck with me for so long is the action. The fights were always so fluid and intense, especially whenever Alphard’s involved. She is cold, calculating, and very powerful. Yet, she fights smoothly and with ease. She can go from brutally gunning down a ton of people to performing some kickass acrobatics in stylish heels. Canaan’s moves and skills are awesome, too, but the one thing that puts Alphard above her for me is the last thing she does in their final fight together. Canaan holds Alphards arm up as she dangles helplessly from the side of a train, but Alphard winds up with a gun and points it at her. Instead of using this moment to shoot her rival in the face she decides to shoot her own arm off and escape. Now that is badass. (Samantha Herrera)


Badass Anime Women: Haruhi Fujioka stands with Tamaki-senpai in the background
Haruhi is a literal angel | Image: Netflix

Unlike the other totally badass women on this list, Haruhi Fujioka can’t throw a punch. She isn’t a genius. She doesn’t come from wealth. And, she doesn’t hold a secret double-life as a spy. She’s an incredibly average scholarship student at a private academy. She comes from a lower middle-class family. She likes fancy tuna. And she worked hard to get a scholarship to Ouran Academy to ease the financial stress of her education on her father. Even when she becomes indebted to the host club, she doesn’t let their outlandishness get the best of her or compromise her beliefs. That’s why I think she’s one badass woman.

I’ve always admired how Haruhi doesn’t care about what others think of her. When the other hosts find out that she is actually a she, she doesn’t care that they feel deceived. When students mock her for being “poor,” she is quick to shut down their misconceptions about non-rich people. Haruhi is as resilient as she is unrelenting. She doesn’t take anyone’s crap, not even those of her closest friends. But when you need someone to reassure you and make you understand your own worth, Haruhi will be right there next to you. Everyone deserves a Haruhi in their lives. (Celeste Paed)

March isn’t Long Enough

Even though Women’s History Month is ending, we should never stop celebrating. Did your favorite badass anime woman make it onto this list? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image from Crunchyroll.

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