Look alive, anime fans! Your favorite show may not be what it seems, but that might not be a bad thing. Have you ever tried to convince your friend to watch an anime, but preface it with, “the ending kinda sucks, but the rest of the show is really good!” Well, you’re not alone if you’ve done this before; many fans actually re-watch a show multiple times in search of evidence that could overturn an unsatisfying ending. As a result, people have developed a lot of interesting anime theories along the way. This isn’t to say that they are all true, but some anime theories actually have a lot of merit to them.

This article will be discussing some really well thought-out anime theories that shine some new light on your favorite shows. DEATH NOTE, CODE GEASS, FUTURE DIARY, ANGEL BEATS!, and DRAGON BALL SUPER all have hidden storylines you’ve probably overlooked. Since we will be discussing these shows in-depth, it should go without saying that there will be heavy spoilers ahead. In other words, read at your own risk!

DEATH NOTE: Does Light Yagami become a Shinigami?

This is one of several DEATH NOTE anime theories that could pave the way for a third season if the creators wanted it to. For those unfamiliar, DEATH NOTE  stars Light Yagami, a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook that belongs to a God of death (Shinigami) named Ryuk. The notebook user can kill anyone by writing their name in the notebook while picturing their face. The story follows Light’s attempt to become the god of a world without crime and the conflicts between him and all those who oppose him.

DEATH NOTE ends with Ryuk killing Light after a fatal encounter with the police, but here’s where things get interesting. Japan released the film DEATH NOTE RELIGHT PART 1: VISIONS OF A GOD in 2007. The movie begins with an unnamed Shinigami looking for Ryuk in the barren Shinigami realm. He offers Ryuk an apple in exchange for a story to cure his boredom and Ryuk begins to tell him the first half of the DEATH NOTE series. Light Yagami looks just like the unnamed Shinigami, so many people think they are the same person. In the anime itself, Ryuk tells Light that Death Note users go to Mu, a world of “nothingness” when they die. You know what looks like nothingness, though? The barren Shinigami world Ryuk is from, and where Light is seen standing in the second opening sequence of DEATH NOTE.

DEATH NOTE anime theories
The unnamed Shinigami wears Light’s tie around his head and has the same hairstyle and coat as Light | Image: DEATH NOTE Wiki; DEATH NOTE Fanon Wiki

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CODE GEASS: How did Lelouch Live?

To answer the immediate question: yes. Lelouch Lamperouge, protagonist of the hit CODE GEASS series, is alive. This was revealed by the announcement of the third season. So to be clear, this is just one of many theories that address how Lelouch could have survived the show’s dramatic conclusion.

CODE GEASS tells the story of how exiled prince Lelouch Vi Brittania obtains an ocular power called Geass. In his case, Geass gives Lelouch the power to force people into performing any action just once. Lelouch uses this power to oppose the Brittanian empire, who has been overtaking countries all across the world. The series ends with Suzaku — Lelouch’s best friend — stabbing him in the chest with a sword. Lelouch slides down a long platform dying in the arms of his sister, Nunnally.

Suzaku stabbed Lelouch, so how is he alive? He must be immortal or something, right? Yep, that’s exactly the answer. In the CODE GEASS universe, immortality is obtainable and transmissible through a power called code. Lelouch obtained his immortality from his father, Charles Vi Brittania, who obtained it from his older brother, V.V. In order for someone to take another person’s code, a person must have Geass in both their eyes. In exchange for both of their Geass, one can kill an immortal person, obtaining their code in the process. Charles kills V.V. and gains his code which becomes marked on his hand. Charles then transfers his code to Lelouch, who uses both his Geass to kill him.

Lelouch's Geass, and Charles's code
Lelouch’s Geass, and Charles’s code | Image: Crunchyroll; CODE GEASS Wikia

If this anime theory is true, then how does Lelouch still have his Geass? Well, have you considered the title of the show? Manifestations of Geass are different in each person, which means code could be different in each person as well.

FUTURE DIARY: Yuno Doesn’t Actually Love Yukiteru?

FUTURE DIARY has a simple yet compelling story-line. It tells the story of Yukiteru Amano (Yuki), a 14-year old outcast who observes the world around him and jots down his observations on his cell phone. Yuki doesn’t have any friends except for Deus Ex Machina and his assistant, Muru Muru; even so, Yuki thinks this duo is a figment of his imagination and is stunned when Deus reveals himself to be a God of Space and Time. In addition, Deus reveals that he is dying and needs to find a successor to his throne. To this end, he creates a survival game centered around future diaries — cell phones capable of predicting certain future events — and forces Yuki to compete. Yuno, a classmate of Yuki’s who claims to be in love with him, also participates. Together, the two try to survive with the ultimate goal of becoming a God.

Most people view FUTURE DIARY as a love story between Yuki and Yuno. The star-crossed lovers always have each other’s back in the survival game, but some theories paint a different picture. One major flaw in the series is that it’s never made clear why Yuno loves Yuki in the first place, she just does. The two share one experience in the past, but it comes right after Yuno traumatically kills her abusive parents. Yuno is in an existential crisis after this event and begins questioning whether her life is even worth living. She meets Yuki, who jokingly agrees to marry her in the future, and suddenly Yuno’s life has meaning again. Given the fact that Yuki never attempts to woo Yuno in any way, it seems more than likely that Yuno is just a yandere who only loves the idea of living for someone, not Yuki himself.

General romance advice: don't hold your crush hostage, Yuno
General romance advice: DON’T hold your crush hostage, Yuno | Image: Crunchyroll

ANGEL BEATS!: Otonashi’s the Original Programmer?

ANGEL BEATS! takes place in a high school that acts as a purgatory for teenagers who have died and experienced hardships when they were alive. The story follows Yuzuru Otonashi, a boy who awakens on the school grounds with amnesia. He meets Yuri, the leader of the Afterlife Battlefront (SSS), a group on a mission to kill God for making them suffer while they were alive on Earth. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to find God, so the SSS focus their attention on a girl named Kanade, who they believe is an agent of God.

ANGEL BEATS! faces a major plot hole in its story. Otonashi donated his heart just moments before his death on Earth. Kanade reveals that she received his heart, which prolonged her life on Earth for a while longer. However, the SSS was fighting Kanade in purgatory long before Otonashi joined them. In other words, how did Kanade die before Otonashi if his heart saved her life?

Computer programs create everything in the ANGEL BEATS! universe. The environment, NPC’s (background students who have amnesia,) and even Kanade’s supernatural powers all come from computer programs. In one story arc, a computer program glitches and creates shadow monsters. Yuri confronts a programmer who was there from purgatory’s inception while searching for a way to beat the shadow monsters. He tells Yuri about the original programmer, who turned himself into an NPC in order to lose all memories of a girl he fell in love with. The current programmer says that the original programmer is still here to this day. Otonashi likely has amnesia not because he just died, but because he awoke from an NPC state.

Otonashi wears the same outfit as an NPC when ANGEL BEATS begins.
Otonashi wears the same outfit as an NPC when ANGEL BEATS! begins | Image: Crunchyroll; Crunchyroll

DRAGON BALL SUPER: A New Grand Priest is Coming?

For those who haven’t caught up yet, DRAGON BALL SUPER takes place after DRAGON BALL Z. Goku brought peace to Earth by defeating Majin Buu, but Beerus, a God of Destruction, soon visits Earth. Although Beerus is hardly challenged by Goku, he takes him on as a pupil in the hopes Goku can one day be a worthy adversary. Beerus tells Goku that 12 universes in total exist, and Goku sets out to be the strongest in all of them.

In case any DRAGON BALL SUPER fans haven’t heard, the anime is scheduled to end. This is definitely unfortunate news considering how popular the Tournament of Power arc is. The good news is that the series isn’t ending completely; the manga will continue, but fans aren’t sure what the next story arc will be. Many fans are predicting that Goku will fight Beerus with his newly mastered ultra instinct ability, but there’s in-show evidence to support a different foe may be looming in the shadows.

While following his quest for power, Goku met the king of all universes, Zeno, and his aid, an angel named the Grand Priest. Zeno is omnipotent but also childish, erasing universes without much thought; while it doesn’t appear to bother the Grand Priest it very well might. The two are immortal, which means he has an eternity to watch Zeno abruptly slaughter countless people.

Goku recently mastered ultra instinct, which makes him stronger than Gods of Destruction, and on par with angels. Goku tends to fight the strongest opponents possible, and the Grand Priest is said to be a top-five fighter in all the universes. If Goku wins, he could replace the Grand Priest and train with Zeno.

DBS anime theories
Goku’s silver hair in ultra instinct and outfit in the Peaceful World Saga suggest he could replace the Grand Priest | Image: Crunchyroll; Dragon Ball Wiki; Crunchyroll

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The Importance of Anime Theories

I encourage everyone to look up anime theories, even for shows that have satisfying endings. Anime theories can be wickedly original, and fun to speculate over. Goku fighting the Grand Priest might never happen, but the possibility of it should excite DRAGON BALL SUPER fans everywhere. DEATH NOTE’s and CODE GEASS’s anime theories also give hope for a brand new season to these classic shows. ANGEL BEATS!’s theory implies that Otonashi and Kanade could have met before their time in purgatory, which would make the show’s dead fandom very happy.

Did I miss any good ones? Comment them below! Good anime theories are always appreciated.

Featured image courtesy of CODE GEASS Wikia


  1. Lelouch

    November 22, 2018 at 8:40 pm

    The creators have always OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED that LELOUCH IS DEAD.
    There’s interviews, tweets, the official guide book, they even completely remade the epilogue on the blu-ray. https://streamable.com/d8dji
    On top of that code theory has been debunked for years. And the sequel is even called “Lelouch of the RESURRECTION”!
    There’s a reddit post which compiles all of the official statements, including sources and links, and shows where and how the anime contradicts all of the code theory core points.
    It’s a long text, but a MUST read for all code geass fans.

    As an example, here are the tweets from the creators:

    – “Before I started writing the story of a person called Lelouch, I confirmed with Taniguchi-director something. That thing was that the end of Lelouch will be DEATH.”
    – “At least he is aware of his sins and pays for them with his DEATH. This is mine and Taniguchi-director’ sense of ethics in our works.”
    – “This man called Lelouch will pay for his sins by his DEATH. The story follows him till he finally make this decision.”
    – “Probably this Lelouch we see in the first episode of the series wouldn’t choose DEATH. He would try something to avoid it. He couldn’t DIE, for Nunnally as well. But we see him changed in the last episode.”

    Link to the tweets: https://twitter.com/ichirou_o/status/998739675895365633
    A screenshot of the tweets: https://imgur.com/a/2dxGMFX
    The translation of the tweets: https://imgur.com/a/HoF6xhX


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