The winter holidays are fast approaching with Thanksgiving on the horizon! Thematically, it’s the season of family, friends, and thankfulness. Often story protagonists are only children, removed from their family, or have a bad family dynamic, so it can be very refreshing to see healthy sibling relationships.

While it can be hard to find things to be genuinely grateful for during trying times, we can always look back on the shows and characters that made us smile. So, for your holiday season, take some time to remember, or to discover, these four heartwarming sibling relationships!

1. Katie “Pidge” and Matt Holt

Sibling Pidge and Matt Gunderson talking about techy things

Recently, Netflix aired the fourth season of VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER. One of the side stories focused on Katie “Pidge” Holt’s search for her father and brother who were lost in space at the beginning of the series. Across the series, Pidge has been able to discover more information on her brother Matt’s location. In season 4 episode 3, “Reunion,” Pidge finally gets to put that information to good use.

She tracks down someone who can identify the people in the Galra security footage and uses that to track Matt. The episode itself is an emotional joyride. At one point, Pidge follows a signal to a rebel graveyard where she finds Matt’s name and “birthdate.” Eventually, by remembering her past interactions with her brother, she discovers his hideout and the two reunite tearfully.

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The two then beat up a bounty hunter, rekindle their nerdy sibling banter, and head back to the main Voltron team. All the while, Matt praises Pidge as the “coolest little sister in the Galaxy.” Throughout the flashbacks in the episode, the audience gets a sense of their strong bond. The two Holts adore science and space exploration and unfailingly believe in each other’s capabilities.

2. Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long

The next sibling duo on our list is from Rooster Teeth’s series RWBY! Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long are, as their names suggest, half-siblings. As fans of the show know, they have the same father and different mothers. Nevertheless, the two share a kickass bond like the Holts above.

Both are exceptional fighters in the context of the story. Although Yang is older, she doesn’t lord that power over Ruby. In RWBY Volume 1, Yang does try to encourage Ruby to be more independent and social, but the two seem to see each other more as equals.

In the current season, RWBY Volume 5, Yang and Ruby are unfortunately split up along with the rest of Team RWBY. After recovering physically, and mentally, from losing her arm, Yang set off on a mission to find her mother, Raven Branwen. Once she finds Raven in Volume 5 Episode 4, “Lighting the Fire,” she demands her help in finding Ruby. Instead, Yang finds Weiss, marking the beginning of the reunion of Team RWBY.


Yang’s reunion with Weiss suggests that the rest of the team is soon to get together. Hopefully, fans can expect a heartwarming reunion between the two sisters after their tense departure at the beginning of Volume 4. More than that, fans can likely expect to see the two in thrilling fight scenes, once again battling side-by-side!

3. Sans and Papyrus

Next up on the list comes this punny brother-duo from UNDERTALE. Sans and Papyrus’ relationship is almost the textbook definition of wholesome. Sans truly admires his brother while still acknowledging Papyrus’ inability to be an effective “human-catcher.” At every turn, Sans is there to support Papyrus’ aspirations and often thanks the player for making Papyrus happy. For example, if the player chooses to side with Papyrus and say that Junior Jumble is harder than crossword puzzles, Sans thanks the player for appeasing Papyrus.

Papyrus, on the other hand, sometimes is frustrated with Sans. He gets on his case for being a “lazybones” and for sleeping often. However, Papyrus is happy to be the “cool guy” watching over his brother (despite the fact that Sans still reads Papyrus bedtime stories). Papyrus’ frustration with Sasns is definitely out of genuine love and care. The two seem to have a very peaceful life together, affected only by the events of the game.

Sans, in general, seems to be a very passive and aloof character for most of the game. It seems like he doesn’t particularly care very much about what happens one way or another. Even if you kill Papyrus, Sans doesn’t seem to react very much. Still, his passive front doesn’t hold up forever. If the player kills Papyrus, Sans expresses his displeasure at the end before the final fight, chilling the player. Depending on the player’s choice, the relationship between these brothers can be pure and heartwarming, or pure and heartwrenching.

4. Katara and Sokka

Lastly, who could forget one of the most iconic sibling duos who helped launch a revolution? Katara and Sokka from AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER showcase one of the best sibling relationships throughout media. While the two get into both petty and heavy arguments across the series, the two never abandon each other. In fact, one of the crowning features of their relationship is that they develop a stronger bond over the plot of the show. Across their journey, they cultivate greater respect for each other as they undergo their journey with Aang to defeat Fire Lord Ozai.

At first, Katara describes Sokka as skeptical, abrasive, sexist, and immature, not unlike your average 15-year-old boy. He also put down Katara’s water bending (and bending in general), sarcastically calling it “magic water.” However, he grows to respect bending, and even feels inferior to the rest of the group later in the series. At that point, Katara tries to reencourage him by saying that nobody sees him as lesser and suggesting a shopping trip. Katara and Sokka never put each other down when they notice either one is suffering.

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Sokka and Katara both protect each other in different ways. When Aang accidentally burned Katara while learning fire bending, Sokka immediately reacted. While he may have been overprotective, he cares for Katara and her well being.

In this case, he was particularly concerned given that Fire Nation soldiers killed their mother. For the two of them, fire is a very sensitive topic and even traumatic. Furthermore, although Sokka feels protective and responsible for Katara, he willingly admits to Toph in “The Runaway” that Katara has always looked out for him.

Who Is Your Favorite Sibling Duo?

Sibling relationships can be the most refreshing thing to see in media among countless only-children protagonists. Of course, friendships of a similar nature are also just as meaningful as these bonds.

Maybe these four reminded you of your favorite media relationship or inspired seasonally appropriate feelings of thankfulness. Go ahead and rewatch these, or check them out for the first time! Happy holidays!

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