First off, this article will not be an argument for or against the wage gap — if you want to read something like that, go over to the culture section. They are great at what they do and probably could write about this issue way more in depth than a white guy from Connecticut could. This article is going to deal with the numbers; how much Gal Gadot earned (300k), what Gadot earned compared to others, and all that good stuff.

Even though there is a gender wage gap issue in this country, Gal Gadot’s pay for WONDER WOMAN is not a reflection of that…Still in an uproar? Well keep reading, and, maybe, share this story so other like-minded individuals can partake in your outrage. Lord knows I need the page views.

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Anyways, let’s start off with what we know. Gal Gadot got paid 300K for Wonder Woman, right? It turns out, that is pretty par for the course; Chris Hemsworth made half of that for THOR,  and while not confirmed, it is believed that Henry Cavill earned roughly 300k for MAN OF STEEL.

Now I am sure Affleck signed on for a much higher rate than any of three actors I have mentioned, considering he was originally signed on to write, produce and direct. Plus, he is a much bigger star than any of those guys anyway. So, let’s just forget him for a moment; however, seeing as a Marvel, who is a much more successful franchise paid one of their stars even less money, I just do not see the outrage here.


Now, another unfortunate sentiment that has slowly been rising from the dregs of the internet lately is speculation that Chris Pine made more from WONDER WOMAN than Gadot did. My response to that would be an emphatic, “uh yeah, duh.” Chris Pine is a much bigger star than Gadot is. He got paid 3 million for his role as Kirk in STAR TREK BEYOND so to think that he would command anything, not in the millions or at least close to it is pure ignorance.

(You want a real example of the wage gap, Pine made double for his first STAR TREK film than Gadot did in Wonder Woman — STAR TREK, a franchise that is much less popular.) It is not like the idea of paying supporting actors more than leads is a new thing. Just to keep it in the superhero film family, T.J. Howard made more than Robert Downey Jr. in the first IRON MAN film. Amy Adams made more than Cavill in MAN OF STEEL. You pay for that talent regardless of their amount of involvement in the film.


Let’s get to the crux of the outrage, which seems to be this tweet.


14 Million. To quote the Joker from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS “Are you out of your mind?” Anyone with half a brain should have known that figure simply is not true. 14 million?! Are people that gullible? Come on America! There is a group of actors/actresses in Hollywood who command no less than twenty million per film. Regardless of their level of involvement or screen time.

Do you want to know some of the actors? Sandra Bullock, Leo Dicaprio, Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Angelia Jolie. Does anyone with half a brain think that Henery Cavill, whose biggest on-screen action up to MAN OF STELL was THE TUDORS, could command fourteen million? I am not one for acronyms, but GTFO with that.

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Finally, we come to the best part of this article; which is the realization that Gadot’s deal that paid her 300k for Wonder Woman, BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN runs out after JUSTICE LEAGUE. Yup, she is a free agent. You know how great that is for her? Well, let’s put it this way — remember how I mentioned that T.J. Howard made more money than RDJ for the first Iron Man film?

He earned 75 million for IRON MAN 3. 75 million. Why? He is the biggest star in the MCU (and, yes, he is now on that 20 mill per picture list). Who is the biggest star in the DCEU? Could it be the Woman who just happened to star in the best DCEU movie yet? That would be my guess. Hey, I could be wrong; apparently, Henry Cavill made 14 million off The Man of Steel.

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