Last year, the first season of the Wolverine podcast — WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT — came out, and fans were not disappointed. Listeners were introduced to a Wolverine story that was gritty, mature, and didn’t pull any punches. The script was intriguing, the characters were fleshed out, and the adaptations from the comics were creative and well done. The Wolverine podcast was so popular that a second season was greenlit, and fans of season one rejoiced!

In the second season, WOLVERINE: THE LOST TRAIL, we are given an expansion of the world created in the first season. While the setting of season one — a small town in Alaska — is a bit more isolated, season two takes place in Louisiana. Not only does the setting expand, but familiar comic characters make audio appearances and undergo further depth, as well. Additionally, the main antagonist that threads through both seasons — the Weapon X Program — receives the same level of depth and development as the other main characters in the podcast.

So let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons why you need the Wolverine podcast in your life.

1. Fans of Podcasts in General will Love the Wolverine Podcast

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As fans of comic book characters and lore, let’s take a step back for a second. The Wolverine podcast is a fantastic podcast in its own right. The sound editing is brilliant, the characters are well-rounded, and the story is fantastically written. This podcast immediately throws you into the world it creates.

Season one is told mostly from the perspective of two federal agents looking for Wolverine. These agents believe Wolverine is involved in some local murders. WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT builds anticipation for Wolverine — we don’t even get his side of the story until near the end. Most of who Wolverine is and what he has done is told through interrogations and third party perspectives. Heck, there were times there where I thought the show creators were going with a tonally dark Wolverine who might actually be the killer. That’s just plain good storytelling!

In WOLVERINE: THE LOST TRAIL, we hear the show from Wolverine’s perspective from start to finish. The build up to Wolverine’s character is present in season one, and by the end of that season we got our payoff. With season two we get into the meat of his overall story.  There isn’t a dull episode in either season of the Wolverine podcast, and the overall story keeps you wanting more.

The great draw about this podcast is that the plot doesn’t require extensive comic book knowledge. The Wolverine podcast is first and foremost a mystery-action story. Yes, the main storyline is that of Wolverine on the run from the Weapon X Program, but each season there is another additional threat that Wolverine has to face and solve.

2. A Complete Comic Storyline You Can Listen To

Wolverine podcast
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If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, I’m sure you have been keeping up with the recent surge of new Wolverine comics. While his newer adventures are creative and fun, the Wolverine podcast takes us back to an old school Wolverine. The Wolverine podcast delves into Wolverine’s time with the Weapon X Program in a way which is very accurate to the comics. We discover that Wolverine was a part of Weapon X for some time, as well as how he went through countless mind wipes after his missions with the program, and how Weapon X is still a constant threat in his life.

The Wolverine podcast also mentions his time with the X-Men and reveals an established relationship with Gambit, who is a key player in WOLVERINE: THE LOST TRAIL. Other characters present in this world are the Sentinels, Mastermold, and Mastermind. With the high quality production value and the inclusion of awesome comic characters and storylines, the Wolverine podcast is a treat for comic book fans of every sort. The best part? You get a fantastic and fully realized Wolverine story that all you have to do is listen to!

Often times in comic books, the storylines are a bit hard to follow. A single story can weave itself through multiple characters’ separate comic books. For some fans, the intertwined story arcs are why they read comics in the first place. For fans of comic lore and specific story arcs, however, trying to navigate through numerous comics just to follow one story can be overwhelming. The Wolverine podcast offers its listeners one platform that tells a complete story that hardcore and casual comic book fans alike will love. You will get the same satisfaction as you would from any Wolverine comic. All you have to do is pop in your ear buds and press play.

3. Creative Comic Adaptations

Wolverine podcast
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While the Wolverine podcast stays true to the comic source material, the show definitely implements some creative changes. The change that stands out the most to me is the relationship between the Weapon X Program and the Sentinel Program. In the Wolverine podcast, the Weapon X Program and the Sentinel Program are one and the same. The Sentinels also seem to have the most authority in the decision making within Weapon X. Another change present in the podcast is the Sentinels themselves. The two federal agents that track Wolverine to Alaska in WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT are actually Sentinels. We learn that Sentinels have upgraded to the point of human replication. There are certain humanoid Sentinels present in the comics such as Prime Sentinels, a group of advanced Human-Sentinel hybrids. However, the podcast gives its own unique take on these humanoid machines.

Weapon X and the Sentinels aren’t the only changes present, however. Jason Wyngarde is another character that differs from the comics. Of course, some may know Wyngarde better as Mastermind. In the Wolverine podcast, we learn that, after being in the program himself for some time, it was Mastermind who was the key to Wolverine’s escape from Weapon X. In the comics, Mastermind has been a known affiliate of The Brotherhood of Mutants and The Hellfire Club. He definitely wasn’t the type to help Wolverine escape from Weapon X in the original source material.

While changes from the comics are evident in the Wolverine podcast, the story is still on par with the best of Wolverine comic storylines. With the limiting medium of podcasts, especially in the superhero genre, the fact that the creators of the Wolverine podcast are able to add so many characters and organizations into their world is very impressive and even more enjoyable.

You Won’t Regret Listening to the Wolverine Podcast

Wolverine podcast
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From the quality of the audio and voice acting, to the nods and adaptations from the comics, WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT and WOLVERINE: THE LOST TRAIL are a must listen. The story is incredible and the characters are intriguing. The portrayal of Wolverine is brutally accurate to his animalistic nature and character. Plus, each episode is only about twenty minutes long, so it isn’t laboring to keep up with. The Wolverine podcast describes each scene beautifully, while also giving your imagination a chance to fill in the gaps. Overall, the show is incredible. Fans of Wolverine as a character and fans of podcasts in general will love listening. As since season two just ended, the time to start listening is now!

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