ComicsVerse: 2017, A Year in Review

2017 is over, but ComicsVerse isn’t done talking about it! Join us as we discuss everything from Donald Trump, North Korea, and the #MeToo movement to JUSTICE LEAGUE and RIVERDALE, and look forward to what’s to come in 2018. For your convenience you can read the transcript below or watch the video on YouTube.

This Is Everything You Need to Know About 2018 Comic Book Movies and TV Shows Coming Out

Justin Gilbert Alba: In 2017, President Donald J. Trump was sworn into office on January 21st to the biggest crowds ever seen. I’m just kidding, it was actually a really small crowd. Probably the smallest crowd ever seen since the dawn of the Republic, but he lied about that.

Mara Danoff: He was elected last year in November, but he didn’t officially become president til 2017 and that hasn’t been ideal, but I guess the country’s not on fire yet, so that’s a good sign.

Aaron Young: Trump is so much in my brain right now that I have a part of my mind which thinks what would Trump do in this situation? So, I can imagine what Trump’s doing in a situation. I hate that. I loathe that Trump has taken up so much of our brain spaces that I think and can speak in Trump.

Alasdair Thornton: First year of Trump’s presidency has been an absolute roller coaster and it’s still going down. Comedically, it’s been uproarious. There have been a lot of situations where you’ve been like what the hell is going on?

MD: I am the greatest person in the… No, you need to understand me, okay? So, I have these ideas on how America should run and I’m the smartest, so let me do it.

JGA: The tax bill, so we’re just repeating the same thing that happened during the Bush administration where there are tax breaks for the very rich. Then what happens is all this regulation is let go. People will start using derivatives and all this shit that I don’t even know what the word’s for. All of a sudden the economy will go down. People will hate Republicans. We’re gonna put a really nice Democrat in again. He’ll fix the whole shit. People will get pissed off at him because he’s too liberal, and then the process will repeat as it has now for the fourth time in my lifetime.

AY: But by all accounts, it’s just gonna make the rich so much richer, it’s gonna hurt the middle class and lower classes, so I mean I don’t think anybody’s really, really for it except for the Republicans who just really just want less government and want to pass anything to get it so that they don’t look like total dipshits, which they do right now.

MD: From my understanding, it’s going to greatly hurt the people it was meant to help, so like lower-income Americans and people who would have very much so needed insurances from other sources, and instead it’s going to give a break to the wealthier individuals in the country, which is not ideal.

AY: We used to criticize them for having an overweight, mentally unstable commander who always had his hands ready to… Who always was ready for nuclear war and to criticize western leaders, but now we have our own leader who’s doing the same thing, so I feel like we fit right in with North Korea. It’s pretty dark comedy seeing him and Trump getting into this dick measuring contest over who’s going to destroy the other and their own country first.

AT: I mean it’s two petulant children going after each other, trading insults. I don’t think anything will come of it simply because China, who Trump seems to be so obsessed with, has openly declared that they will stand with whoever is attacked first, so in the world of Asian due political politics, it’s kind of the status quo. There’s a lot dick measuring going on right now, but I don’t think anything will come of it.

JGA: I thought he was Harvey Fierstein. I just was shocked to find out he was heterosexual. I think that Harvey Weinstein is lucky he had that job ’cause I don’t think he would have sex any other way. I’m not sure we should say that.

Andrew Rivera: Why is Kevin Spacey so famous besides the fact that he can pretend to be another man from time to time? Why? These people are kind of telling the same stories over and over and over again and we’ve accepted them. We’re like oh my god, they’re so fabulous. They’re so wonderful to the point where they feel like they can get away with shit like this. Look, Kevin Spacey, keep your shriveled up dick to yourself, man. If you can’t get sex consentually, you need to really look at what you’re doing in your life, man. Don’t rape people, all right? Don’t rape people.

JGA: Mark Halperin who wrote Game Change. I was really looking forward to the next two Game Change movies and a third Game Change-ish book by Mark Halperin. Apparently, he enjoyed pressing himself against women’s legs against their will and it was really sad to hear that. Louis C.K, I’m gonna be honest. I never really thought he was funny and I am not surprised to hear he showed his penis to other people. It’s just like the kind of shit like basic… Like white guys think it’s funny.

MD: It’s a little weird that they feel like they need to use their power in order to do so, because from my understanding, or at least from what I know, isn’t power… Literature tells me power is meant to be aphrodisiac, so I don’t understand why they feel they need to do that, but also, guys come on, just ask people if you wanna have the do… Don’t be weird about it. Don’t force people, it’s just not cool.

JGA: You know what, now men are gonna become aware of how they treat people and I think it’s amazing that men are getting shocked into being made aware of how women feel around men and hopefully, either they’re gonna be… Women are going to be seen as equals when working with men and it’s so unfortunate that, in every industry that we’re learning about, it is not that way. Especially in Hollywood which says it is a very liberal industry.

AY: LOGAN is the best comic book film this year. The best comic book film. Almost was my favorite film this year. When that Hurt song comes on by Johnny Cash and you see Hugh Jackman painfully wiping off the blood off, the blood off his claws and he looks so pained, he’s shaking. You’re like Jesus, this, this is going to be a depressing comic book film, but I love Hugh Jackman. He is an international treasure and what he’s done to… Given us with Logan, Wolverine General is so precious and I mean it’s just a story about a man who’s broken. It’s just a man who’s been alive too long, seen too much shit and then’s given another chance to make things right and that’s such a great story.

AT: I cried a lot because Hugh Jackman is never gonna play Wolverine again, and Mr. Patrick Stewart, even though he hasn’t looked like… Even though it doesn’t look like he’s aged in the last 40 years, apparently he’s got to. This might be one of the last… I’m also a huge STAR TREK fan, so this might be the end of me watching Patrick Stewart in things.

Brandon Davis: LOGAN is the best… Is the best X-Men movie. I quote that because barely that’s a movie. It’s so good.

JGA: LOGAN was my favorite superhero movie this year. I love X-23 and this one’s also my favorite comic ever and definitely not sexist.

AR: The best comic book movie of the year was THOR RAGNAROK. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to ruin that against the LOGAN lovers. LOGAN’s fantastic, man. You waited all this time. Hugh Jackman to be getting his spotlight, but LOGAN is more a… It’s the best western to come out maybe within the last 10 years I think. I think LOGAN’s a better western than it is a comic book movie because it really takes what Hugh Jackman’s lore was from all the other film and builds on that to make its own thing. It’s not really based off one comic book. I mean OLD MAN LOGAN yes, but there’s so much to deviate from in that book, so I would say it’s the best Wolverine movie.

AR: It’s the best western that’s come out in awhile, but the best comic book movie for sure is still RAGNAROK. You finally have Chris Hemsworth being able to play Thor in the capacity that he should be. The first two movies sucked. So there’s no expectation for this film other than the fact that you know it’s gonna be better than whatever DCEU puts out which, sorry.

Chowder: I liked it. THOR RAGNAROK was good. Here’s my thing. I think it was a good movie, but I don’t think it’s a good Thor movie.

BD: JUSTICE LEAGUE is the worst superhero movie that came out this year unless SUICIDE SQUAD came out, but I think that was 2016. It’s like taking a bunch of puzzle pieces and hoping that forms a coherent image. Their intentions, whatever they were, they were good and I saw that in some of the characters in the little moments they did have, but overall it was too rushed.

AY: I loved almost all the characters in JUSTICE LEAGUE. I thought especially Superman. It was so great seeing Henry Cavill come back in the Superman that we know from the comics. Kind of being inspirational, a little cheesy. You know what, Superman, we love you for being cheesy old Grandpa who’s back in 1940’s and kiold-fashionedhioned, but inspirational like that. That was kind of the Superman I was missing, so it was great to see that.

JGA: What I loved about WONDER WOMAN this year is that it opened… They had special screenings of WONDER WOMAN that were female only, women only. What was so amazing about that is that the film, I thought was very empowering. I thought it was the perfect film to have all female showings.

MD: I really liked it, but I kind of knew going in I would really like it. I like how it’s a female director, so it’s fun seeing little differences as to how a woman would direct a film versus how a man normally does. It was the first real female superhero movie to come out in a long time before, including Catwoman on that list.

BD: Bendis leaving Marvel for D.C. was weird ’cause Bendis has been there since friggin’ day one. Bendis wrote Miles Morales, one of my favorite top three favorite characters, comic characters of all time right now and everything.

MD: Honestly, I know that that was a big deal for a lot of people ’cause they really didn’t like Bendis, but I was like oh okay, bye. I don’t really follow D.C. so to me, it was just sort of like oh, don’t hit your head on the way out.

JGA: It’s time for him to go cause some damage at D.C. Brian Bendis, you have created some of my favorite comics. You have created some of my least favorite comics.

JGA: The biggest thing that’s happening in 2017, Jean Grey returning to the X-Men. The OG Jean Grey. Super-excited she’s back to life. She’s gonna be super-savage comes back. There’s no Cyclops. Emma Frost is still a bitch.

AR: Let Jean Grey die already. Stop bringing her back. Either let her live and never die or just leave her alone, man. You can’t keep just bringing somebody back from the dead. Obviously, she don’t want to be alive, all right? Let her rest. Let people move on. And Cyclops, stop being weird all the goddamn time.

Chowder: I love DARK NIGHT’S METAL by Scott Snyder, but my favorite Batman run would have to be Scott Snyder’s “Ends of the Earth” from ALL-STAR BATMAN because you get to see a lot more focus on the villain, so there is Sub-Zero… Sub-Zero… Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and the Mad Hatter.

BD: I’m always a Spiderman head, so I’ve been reading SPIDERMAN II, Spiderman and Miles Morales, AMAZING SPIDERMAN. My favorite comic this year though would have to be SECRET WARRIORS by Matthew Rosenberg ’cause it brought together all these inhuman characters and everything.

BD: RUNAWAYS is the tale of these teens. They found their parents are a bunch of super-villain assholes, part of a whole giant cult and everything and they try to stop them from doing their whole evil thing. It’s something, a whole giant being and it’s really a tale of people coming together and they learn about themselves and they learn about the people around them and it makes them better for who they are.

Chowder: Brian K. Vaughan has run on RUNAWAYS was really good. Again, cool teens, problems, and then their families being evil.

JGA: RUNAWAYS was a comic based on Brian K. Vaughan and we were super-lucky to be able to speak with some actors from there at New York Comic Con and we just had a great interview with Angel Parker who plays the mysterious Catherine Wilder who is very evil. A very evil lawyer as if there’s any other kind.

AR: In 2017, the best anything has been RIVERDALE. If you’re not watching RIVERDALE, you should be. It’s your favorite show’s favorite show. It’s your favorite guilty pleasure’s guilty pleasure, and actually it’s not even a guilty pleasure. It’s a tour de force of teenage emotion, all right? Get it right. Oh, in 2017 we had THE GIFTED. It’s a fantastically nice show. It’s great. It was a delight. I saw a few episodes of it. I thought the actors were really cool. I wonder if that budget’s gonna be able to sustain itself with all those cool powers because, if that shit doesn’t do well, then you’re gonna see a lot of mutants just pushing things with their minds. Everybody’s gonna have almost kind of the same power. You’re not gonna see a Khaleesi-sized dragon on that show, that’s for sure.

MD: Polaris because I like people who have moral complexity and she very much so has that, so it’s interesting to watch her do her thing.

JGA: LEGION is a fantastic film made by Noah Hawley who also wrote FARGO, which is also one of the best shows ever on television.

AY: I thought it looked very creative. I love Noah Hawley from FARGO. I thought that was genius, but I wasn’t sure if he could… This was the first Fox X-Men show and I was like could he nail it and guess what? He absolutely nailed it. That show is brilliant all the way through. Just it’s so psychologically intriguing. You don’t know what’s going on, but the characters are so rich. It’s a superhero show without being a show about superheros if that makes any sense. There’s no superheroing in it.

AR: Oh, in 2017 THE DEFENDERS came out and THE DEFENDERS was lit because Luke Cage told Iron Fist he had white privilege.

BD: I had this thing with Marvel Netflix shows where I feel like they have too many episodes. They have a 13 episode order. With THE DEFENDERS, I wanted more from that ’cause they gave eight episodes.

AY: People criticize the CW, I love it. I think it’s so much fun. I think I’ve really attached to the characters. I feel a deep connection with Supergirl and Flash and such and I think they’ve set up a really great universe on the CW with really rich characters who… I think it’s the best D.C. universe on screen.

AR: Oh, in 2017 we got THE PUNISHER, which I’m still having some violent nightmares about. It’s pretty fantastic. John Bernthal is a psychopath of the best kind and he’s a good looking guy, so I have been having a very serious, fear-induced man crush on him. I don’t know if I like him or I’m scared of him and I want him to like me, but shout outs to The Punisher. 10 out of 10.

AR: In 2017, the worst television show for comic books was Marvel’s THE INHUMANS. Fam, what were you thinking? What were you thinking when you did this to yourself, Marvel? You were giving us heavy hitters, man. You gave us great movies this year alone and you take this-box called THE INHUMANS, which you’re only trying to pull off because you don’t have the X-Men and you’re not faking it, you know what I mean? You’re not lying to anybody.

AR: This is like when somebody introduces you as somebody like oh, this is my friend, but you know they’re dating them. You’re not lying about this to my face. I know why you want The Inhumans to be good and it’s trash. Who is walking around with their heads shoved so far up their that you decided that you were gonna, not only commit this crap to film, but you were gonna also put the first two episodes in Imax, like anybody gives a, you know what I mean? More people are gonna attend a Harvey Weinstein funeral than they will Marvel’s THE INHUMANS’ opening weekend.

JGA: I went through GAME OF THRONES’ wormhole this year in which I read all about the history of Westeros. I can explain it all to you in one minute and, if this was that video, I would do the whole thing. I’m gonna have the best one of the season. Episode four, The Loot Train, right?

JGA: So, episode four, okay. So, all of a sudden Olenna dead from Jaime what-the-is his name? Jaime Lannister, right? They get all this money from the Reach. They get all the food and the money they need and all of a sudden you hear the Dothraki people and they’re like, and then they’re coming down this hill thing, and then all the Lannister people who just got into a fight were scared shitless, and then Bronn is like Jaime Lannister, you have to go. These people are just pawns. You have to go because you are having sex with your sister who is queen and go and Jaime Lannister is like we can take them.

JGA: And then you cry, and then it turns out it’s the dragon, which you thought they wouldn’t bring out until season eight, but guess what? It’s season seven. The dragon’s like, and then she’s like Dracarys and it very clearly looks like she’s not flying a dragon. I’m gonna be honest with you, but whatever. Green screen. But I bought it, and then the dragon, and she’s like Dracarys and the dragon’s like, and then all this fire and everyone’s like, and then the fire is so hot, it instantly atomizes people who were there. And they’re just like all charred, and then all the gold was melting and the food is melting that they got. So, then they got nothing. You killed Olenna for no reason and it was really sad and she was a really good actor and really fun.

AT: My favorite episode of GAME OF THRONES this year was definitely the last episode of the season. I really enjoyed all of the coming togetherness. Okay, the very last scene. The very last episode where all of those losers were at the wall, Wildlings I think they’re properly called, were just hanging out thinking to themselves oh, thankfully we’re finally safe from the White Walkers, and then what was he called… The Night King comes rolling up on his ice dragon and just attacks. Has the ice dragon breathe right on the wall. And I think it’s fantastic because in my mind, the White Walkers are a metaphor for gentrification, which I am staunchly in favor for.

JGA: I am looking forward to the new NEW MUTANTS. I’m looking forward to X-MEN RED. I’m looking forward to Jean Grey’s slaying and ruining my life again. The patron saint of comics for us.

MD: I’m super-excited about the NEW MUTANTS movie that they have announced, which I mean I’m already in love with all the characters and I’ve made so many of my non-comic book friends watch the trailer just because, if it’ll get them into it, why not?

AR: In 2018, I’m looking forward to more men being prosecuted for the bullshit that they’ve been pulling off. I’m looking forward to better comic book movies. Better comic book television even though the quality we’re getting is pretty great right now. I would appreciate it if film studios gave a-about the stuff they were doing instead of just wanting it to be about the spectacle and the money, which I realize is a little difficult.

Chowder: I think it’s great to be part of an awesome community of people who can share stuff that I like and get to work with people that also sort of gives me freedom of what I wanna do and express. Again, I work for a show for ComicsVerse, so it’s good to have team building sort of experiences and you get

JGA: I’m so excited for 2018, 2018.

AR: Shout outs 2018. Don’t rape people and send bad people to prison.

Chowder: Whoa Batman! But yeah, it’s great ComicsVerse. ComicsVerse.

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