In Zack Snyder’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, Bruce Wayne mentions to Alfred Pennyworth that he has been active as Batman in Gotham for 20 years. If that is the case, does Warner Bros. have plans to elaborate on those two decades of the Dark Knight’s career?

It would be odd to mention that Batman was active for such a long time and not have any plans to cover those years. The door is wide open for loads of Bat-tastic stories; it is just a matter of if Warner Bros. has plans to make them into movies.

Legends Of The Dark Knight

For decades, there have been multiple Batman comic series running concurrently to one another. DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN, BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL, BATMAN AND ROBIN, LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT, the list goes on and on (click here for a full list of ongoing and canceled Batman comic series’).

The main series, BATMAN, is the most prevalent and important story of the current story arcs, with DETECTIVE COMICS being the secondary story that takes place in the same general timeframe. Why not have a similar theme in the DCEU?

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It’s been speculated that the upcoming film THE BATMAN, directed by Matt Reeves, would take place in current times and not be a flashback to a previous story. However, Matt Reeves did just scrap Ben Affleck’s script entirely, so that may no longer be the case; but, if THE BATMAN were to take place in the current day, why not have other Batman films that take place in the past?

THE BATMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE films can cover Batman’s current adventures in the DCEU while a different Batman franchise that is canon takes place entirely in flashbacks. Perhaps using the name “Legends of the Dark Knight” could help relay that these are legends or earlier stories. Having Batman films that take place from 1996 all the way up to now gives the franchise more flexibility. It would increase the amount of Batman stories that the films could adapt from the comics, which would help flesh out Batman as well as the world.

Build Out Batman And His World

If DC and Warner Bros. were to take this road, there are so many stories that they could do. There are not just stories that we want to see, but that we need to see to understand how Batman got to be the way he was when we met him in BVS.

20 Years

Court Of Owls

The Court of Owls was first introduced in Batman #1 after the company wide reboot in 2011, The New 52. The story revolved around an Illuminati type group acting in Gotham’s underground in secret for decades. They target Bruce and the rest of the Bat-Family in an all-out war with their undead assassins, the Talons.

The story, by Scott Snyder, was so well received that there’s already been an animated film featuring the Court of Owls. We’ll also be seeing them in the third season of Fox’s live action television series GOTHAM. This arc being adapted into a DCEU film would flesh out an even more colorful and rich history for Gotham and Batman, as well as be a hell of a good story with plenty of action.

Batman The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween

One story that is on everyone’s Top Ten Batman Stories list is BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, a murder mystery about a serial killer who only strikes on every major holiday. It plays with the tones of an old Hollywood Noir kind of film, which is perfect for Batman. The book also dives a little bit deeper into Batman’s relationship with Commissioner Jim Gordon.

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This story could be great to show this version of Batman’s dynamic with JK Simmon’s Commissioner Gordon. It also features a wide supporting cast of Batman characters that would elaborate more on Batman’s world within the larger DCEU.

The Black Mirror (The James Jr. Arc)

BLACK MIRROR, in the comics, revolves around Dick Grayson’s time as Batman while Bruce is off working on Batman Incorporated around the world, leaving his first protege to protect Gotham. In the final arc of this run, Jim Gordon’s long forgotten son, James Jr., returns as a murderous and apathetic sociopath. The story plays with the Gordon family of Jim and Barbara in a way that we have not seen in the movies as of yet.

BLACK MIRROR is much smaller and more personal but absolutely hits as one hell of a good Batman story. With some tweaks here and there (like switching out Dick for Bruce), this could be a very important entry into this Batman’s history, as well as build up the characters of Barbara and Jim Gordon.

Batman Zero Year

Zero Year

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with Batman’s origin. But we haven’t yet seen how this version of Batman came to be the feared, brutal caped crusader. There are many different versions of the Bruce Wayne becoming Batman story, but Scott Snyder’s ZERO YEAR is the most recent and is part of the main canon. The story shows Bruce’s return to Gotham after years of training and his battle with the infamous Red Hood Gang, and later, The Riddler.

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To truly understand the Batman we have now in the DCEU, it is important to see where he began his journey 20 years ago. A modern Batman film set in the 90s where he fights Riddler and the Red Hood Gang sounds freaking awesome. Consequently, it could also give us a much-needed insight into the DCEU’s Batman’s early years.

Death in the Family

Death In The Family

This is the most important story that fans need to see for this iteration of Batman. In DEATH IN THE FAMILY, the Joker brutally murders the second Robin, Jason Todd. There were huge easter eggs from this story in BATMAN V SUPERMAN, with Robin’s costume on display in the Bat-Cave. The suit appears burnt and has “Hahaha Jokes on you Batman” written in yellow spray paint on the front.

Robin in BvS

This appears to confirm that, in the DCEU, Robin has been killed by the Joker. When we find Batman in BATMAN V SUPERMAN, he is an unhinged and ruthless vigilante. Superman’s presence has pushed him over the edge in terms of brutality, but it is quite possible that this is due to Robin’s death instead.

In BVS, we see Bruce talk about how killing Superman may be the only thing he does that matters. For Bruce, it seems like he feels like a failure. Batman’s 20-year long war on crime seems like it’s all been for nothing. Losing Robin broke him, and the potential threat of Superman gave him a purpose again.

This notion only really got across to some fans during BVS; others just saw him as an over rambunctious, murder happy vigilante. Being able to see Batman as a brighter hero with a young sidekick is important to convey just how broken he was when we first meet him in BVS. This story is essential to Batman’s character development in the DCEU and would be an absolute crowd pleaser.

Why It Matters

Warner Bros. was smart to make sure that the “20 years in Gotham” line was in BVS. Batman is a fantastically complex character that can give life to endless movies. Introducing an older Batman may be a tactic to put out more Batman films, current and flashback films, concurrently. Doing this is a safe play from the studios to make more money on a sure bet at the box office.

This could also be an attempt to further develop this iteration of Batman since it seems like Warner Bros. are betting big on the DCEU. The studio will have to treat the character right if they want to make more money off of the franchise.

What do you think? Is Warner Bros. going to try to capitalize on the two decades of Batman’s career before his introduction? If so, what stories would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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