BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5 by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth
New perils are emerging for everyone in Gotham. This issue brilliantly reminds us why we should always trust Batman and slaps us for even thinking otherwise.
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BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5 delivers another spectacular chapter in Sean Murphy’s epic. In the last issue, Jack Napier changed all of Gotham and readers’ perception, making them trust the “reformed” Joker. This installment slaps us in the face as the Dark Knight reminds us why we’ve always trusted him.

The GTO is now in full force, and Neo Joker finds more evidence about the Wayne Family working with Nazis! The story takes a new turn with what they uncover and leads to larger things to come. Also, Murphy seems to offer a connection to BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. Readers will leave wondering how this story fits into the Batman mythology. Read about these astonishing events in BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5!

BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Goddamn Batman

BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5 revolves around Gotham’s new crimefighting efforts and Batman’s relationships with those closest to him. The issue begins with Jack getting Harley to train him in hand-to-hand combat, while we see some of the side effects of his drug take effect. This installment isn’t as focused on Jack Napier as previous issues, but now we see how his plans are unfolding.

Tension also rises between Batman and Nightwing once again, as Dick reveals that he’s joined the GTO. Batgirl, having a clearer head, comes between the two and separates them before an actual fight occurs. The Gotham Terrorist Oppression unit has now taken the streets, showing their new enforcement tactics in this issue. Finally, when Bruce crosses the line by interfering the GTO, Gordon declares Batman no longer a vigilante, but a threat to Gotham.

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Meanwhile, Neo Joker and the Mad Hatter invade Bruce Wayne’s house, searching for further evidence of Nazi involvement. The two utilize the mind controlled Poison Ivy to search for the room with the stalest air, finding further evidence of this dark secret. Moments before getting noticed by Bruce, they acknowledge that there are rooms under the house. This leaves a huge opportunity for Murphy to dive into in the coming issues.

BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Connecting Continuity

Overall, the best part of BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5 was the moment that Murphy made a connection to the animated series. At the moment where Batman confronts Harley about not trusting the Joker, she references the episode “Harley’s Holiday.” In volume three of the animated series, Harley is released from Arkham and buys a dress on her first day out.

A small mishap results in the store’s security believing that she stole it, which puts her back on a life of crime. At the end of the episode, Batman brings her the dress as she’s sent back to Arkham. Murphy’s full disclosure about this event could imply that this series takes place in the same universe.

Murphy has made references thought the series to both the animated series and films, but never a real connection until now. Could it be possible that this series actually take part in a much larger universe consisting of BTAS and the original films? Seeing WHITE KNIGHT as a Bruce Timm-style movie could make this feel like a well-deserved sequel to BTAS.

It’s a very cool concept to think about so, of course, we can dream, right? So far though, it’s serving as an amazing unofficial continuation of the animated series.  Muphy hasn’t stopped taking big risks with the title, so we’re excited to see what he plans to add next in the upcoming three issues.

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BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5: Warm, Glowing Light

Overall, BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5 gives us a fistful of great storytelling. Sean Muphy has proved that he can do this all by himself and do it well. The series only has three issue left, and there are still so many questions that need answers.

With this issue’s events, it could absolutely continue into a second volume and expand upon this world that Murphy has created. Murphy has run our opinions from one side of the fight to the other. This showcases just how great of a writer he has become in this series. We’ll be looking forward to next month’s issue. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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