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Tonight at 10pm on WGN America, Detectives Conley (Dominic Monaghan) and Eklund (Michael Nyqvist) race “Down the Rabbit Hole” on a brand new 100 CODE. Ever since NYPD Detective Tommy Conley landed in Sweden, nothing has made sense. Sent to consult on a series of grisly murders — each victim blonde, blue-eyed, and young, all found near water or in fields of flowers — he found a more complex crime than he expected.

In deep and similarly baffled is Swedish investigator Mikael Eklund. He pairs up with Conley to hunt this sophisticated killer that is unlike any criminal either has ever encountered. The more clues they unveil, the wider the scope of the killings becomes. As the two fight each other and their own internal worst impulses, they find their expectations thwarted. It appears the killer has established a far larger hunting ground than New York and Sweden.

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Additionally, the politics of international crime become enmeshed in the investigation. Eklund and Conley are forced to face the reality that even if they find their predator, justice still might not be served. The limited series continues to barrel towards shocking revolutions in this brand new installment. When the duo dispatches investigators to the professor and the dentist’s home on the search for clues.

A valuable piece of information is surfaced, but things only get more complex from there. Eklund and Conley follow the trail to the dark web. Criminals with similar agendas have gathered to discuss meet, plot, and plan with one another. But are the crooks just of a similar mindset or might they hold the key to cracking the case? Unwilling to count on information from the darknet, Eklund sits down with the rare survivor of the killer’s spree.

Or perhaps it is killers as she points to the possibility that our murderer has not been working alone. Finally, the partners reunite to chase down a dubious lead. However, on a night of shocks, this tip might just lead to the biggest revelation yet.

100 CODE: Eklund
Michael Nyqvist attempts to shine a light on the truth in 100 CODE (Courtesy of Red Arrow Studios International)

Tune Into WGN America to watch 100 CODE!

Tune in to WGN America tonight to see the limited series created by Oscar winner Bobby Moresco (CRASH, MILLION DOLLAR BABY). 100 CODE stars fan-favorite Dominic Monaghan (LOST, THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy) and critically lauded Michael Nyqvist (JOHN WICK, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE- GHOST PROTOCOL) in one of his final roles.

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Fans of Monaghan from LOST and LORD OF THE RINGS should get ready for a whole new side of him. He portrays Detective Tommy Conley as intense, angry, and seemingly wired to explode. Conley takes the actor to darker and deeper places than many have seen him explore before.

Additionally, the German born-Englander needed to slip into the skin of a native born New Yorker and nail just the accent but the attitude of such a figure. Through it all, Monaghan has found nuances in the character and realistically brought the detective to life.

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