Ever since THE FORCE AWAKENS, Lucasfilm has made at least one STAR WARS movie a year. Due to this, characters like Han Solo and Obi-Wan Kenobi will be getting their own spin-off movies. While that is exciting, there are other STAR WARS characters that should get their own movie as well. If Lucasfilm is going to continue making STAR WARS movies, they should expand the roster of characters that get their own spin-off movie.

Why these STAR WARS Characters?

These specific characters were chosen because of the interesting stories they can tell through movies. Each character on this list can expand the universe in different ways. There are still corners of the STAR WARS universe that have not been explored yet. Some of these characters are not canon, but still fan-favorites. To newer STAR WARS fans, these characters can introduce them to storylines they may find interesting.

Certain characters did not make the cut, but that doesn’t mean they are not important. The Guardians of the Whills was on an earlier version of this list but were scrapped. It is not because we have already seen two of them in ROGUE ONE. They were scrapped because their story would not work in movie format. For a comic or a novel, the Guardians of the Whills could be an interesting concept. As a movie, it would just be about the training ritual to become a Guardian.

This list also included Yaddle at some point, but was scrapped due to the pitch being similar to Yoda. There are so many STAR WARS characters that could have been put on this list. Just because they are not on this list, does not mean they are less important. This list also did not put characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is confirmed for getting his own movie. This list decided to focus on movies that are not being made at the moment.

10. Revan

Star Wars Character #10
Art by hyruleturtle

Revan is a fan favorite character in the Star Wars universe. He first appeared in the STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC video game released in 2003. The game takes place years before the original trilogy. STAR WARS has recently been focusing on the Grey Jedi side of the universe. The movies have put more focus on finding a balance rather than good vs evil.

Revan is known as one of the first Grey Jedi. He mastered both the light and the dark side of the Force. He never was only good or evil though, he was in the middle. Revan wanted to learn all he could about the Force. That included learning both sides of it.

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A movie with Revan is perfect because it would allow STAR WARS fans to learn more about the Force. When Disney bought Lucasfilm, the video game no longer became canon. Since the video game was no longer canon, that means Revan is no longer canon either. Making a movie based on Revan would not only get more fans interested, it would boost sales for the video game itself.

9. Darth Vader

Star Wars Characters #9
Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Darth Vader is one of the most well known STAR WARS characters ever. Ever since A NEW HOPE, fans have loved to see more of Darth Vader on screen. The last time Darth Vader appeared in a movie was at the end of ROGUE ONE. When Darth Vader appeared in the last few minutes of that movie, fans wanted to see more.

It can be argued that we have seen Darth Vader’s entire life play out on film. For that reason, it is understandable why fans may not want a Darth Vader movie. I would still argue that there are still parts of Darth Vader that we haven’t seen yet. Of course, the comic series has already explored how he got his red lightsaber.

There are other stories that can be told with Darth Vader that other media have not covered yet. For instance, there could be a movie with Darth Vader completing the Jedi Purge. Lucasfilm has to include Darth Vader in one of their many STAR WARS spin-offs. It would be a wasted effort if not.

8. Darth Malgus

Star Wars Characters #8
Courtesy of LucasArts

Darth Malgus is featured in STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC, a sequel to STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC. He may not be one of the more well known Star Wars characters, but he certainly is impressive. Darth Malgus was part of the Dark Council, which is a group of the most powerful Dark Lords of the Sith. He also led the attack on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, killing many Jedi defenders.

Darth Malgus is certainly a force to be reckoned with an interesting backstory as well. Darth Malgus was a powerful Force user and a dangerous combatant. A movie about him could showcase how dangerous the Empire was. It could also show how powerful a Sith Lord could become once giving into anger.

Darth Malgus killed his own wife so that she would no longer weaken him with her love. The movie would be able to show love as a weakness to the Sith and the price of ultimate power.

7. Yoda

Star Wars Characters #8
Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Grand Master Yoda is also one of the most popular STAR WARS characters known. For such a popular character, his origins are a mystery. It is never revealed who Yoda’s master was or even what species he is. We know he has trained Jedi for 800 years — but how did he learn to control the Force?

An origin story for Yoda would not take anything away from the character; it could even possibly make him more relatable to others as a character. To see a young Yoda struggling to become the Grand Master would be an exciting transition.

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It may mirror Luke Skywalker’s role in the original trilogy, but it doesn’t have to. Luke Skywalker’s origin came through tragedy. Yoda doesn’t have to have tragedy in his origin. It would be interesting to see what planet Yoda comes from or even how he discovered he could use the Force.

6. Darth Nihilus

Courtesy of LucasArts

Darth Nihilus is basically a Force vampire, making him a nightmare for his enemies. He was born a human male but after being affected by a weapon called the Mass Shadow, he craved Force energy. After that, Darth Nihilus became a wound in the Force. This movie could be Dracula in STAR WARS in a certain sense — a being that sucks Force energy from others and is almost impossible to defeat.

The interesting thing about Darth Nihilus, though, is he is not just Dracula in space. He is not just a monster that needs to absorb the Force to survive. Darth Nihilus can be defeated, it will just be a challenge to do so. That challenge is what will make for an interesting movie. Darth Nihilus wants to destroy the Jedi as well. Darth Nihilus isn’t just a regular Dark Lord of the Sith that can be defeated through combat alone.

5. Darth Bane

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Darth Bane is the Sith Lord that created the Rule of Two in the STAR WARS universe. He is not one of most well known STAR WARS characters, though he is canon, through his appearance in STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, where Mark Hamill voices him.  The Rule of Two mandates that there can only be two Sith at a time. There can only be a master and his or her apprentice.

Darth Bane noticed the infighting when there were several members of the Sith Empire. That infighting is what caused the defeat of the dark side 1000 years before the Clone Wars even began. It would be interesting to see what moment exactly caused Darth Bane to create this rule. It is clear that the defeat of the Empire was the cause, but exactly how was the empire defeated? What were the Sith fighting about that caused their defeat so long ago?

Those are questions this movie could answer and provide a greater context within the Sith Empire. The movie could also focus on how the Rule of Two became common practice for Sith Lords to follow, including Emperor Palpatine himself.

4. Darth Plagueis

Courtesy of LucasBooks

Darth Plagueis was the master of Emperor Palpatine, yet he is only discussed once in REVENGE OF THE SITH. While his novel is no longer canon, the character is. Darth Plagueis is one of the few STAR WARS characters that is mentioned within canon but not explored.

Darth Plagueis had considerable knowledge in the field of midi-chlorian manipulation. He was so powerful, according to Palpatine, that he could create life through the Force. A movie could explore how Darth Plagueis found out about midi-chlorians, and how he studied them. If Lucasfilm is going to continue to make it canon, they might as well explore how midi-chlorians work on screen.

The movie could also showcase how Darth Plagueis found Emperor Palpatine and the training that occurred between the two. We know that Palpatine eventually kills  Darth Plagueis. It would be interesting to see what brings Palpatine to the decision to kill his master.

3. Ahsoka Tano

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Ahsoka Tano was the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker. She was introduced in THE CLONE WARS cartoon and has become a fan favorite. She appeared once again in STAR WARS: REBELS as the manager of Senator Organa’s intelligence network. When she appeared in STAR WARS: REBELS, she wielded two white lightsabers. Ahsoka also falls into the category of Grey Jedi, since she does not believe in the Jedi Code.

40 Years of STAR WARS: Ahsoka Tano and Her Role in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

It would be interesting to see Ahsoka in between THE CLONE WARS and STAR WARS: REBELS. The movie could explore what Ahsoka did after leaving the Jedi Order. It could explore how she turned the kyber crystals white, since that is a color not seen within the movies. The movie could also show Ahsoka’s relationship with the Force, and explore how she keeps that balance. Maybe Ahsoka had to deal with certain enemies while trying to keep that balance.

2. Cassian Andor

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Many may argue that they already saw enough of Cassian Andor in ROGUE ONE. They may think that there isn’t any more story to tell. I think that there is still more you can do with this character. Cassian Andor was known as one of the most capable Rebel agents. His movie could explore how he went from fighting the Galactic Republic to becoming Captain in the Rebellion against the Empire.

We could also see how he met K-2SO and how they became partners by ROGUE ONE. Cassian wouldn’t have to interact with any characters that we have seen before. He must have had daring adventures before the events of ROGUE ONE. Cassian may seem less interesting than these other characters, but I think that’s wrong. There is still a lot that can be done with him if done right.

1. Boba Fett

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Boba Fett is one of the greatest bounty hunters in the STAR WARS universe. So many STAR WARS characters listed above haven’t been seen in movies that much. Boba Fett, on the other hand, was in both THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and RETURN OF THE JEDI. Fans have already wanted to see a Boba Fett movie for years. There are so many things you can do with Boba Fett that could make for a great movie.

The film could showcase how he became one of the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy. We could see how he trained to become the deadliest bounty hunter and how he met Darth Vader. If they don’t want to make a prequel movie, there could be a story about how he escaped the Sarlacc Pit. After his escape from the Sarlacc Pit, perhaps he helped the First Order form in some way after RETURN OF THE JEDI.

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