Trick-or-treating tonight? We know some of our favorite characters will be, too. As ComicsVerse gets in the Halloween spirit, we picked out the Marvel characters that would definitely be celebrating alongside us. Here are 10 Marvel characters who would put superhero-ing on hold for Halloween festivities.

Ms. Marvel

MS. MARVEL VOL 1: NO NORMAL. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Kamala Khan is the ultimate fangirl. Lover of all things geek and silly, Kamala would not miss the opportunity to cosplay for Halloween. Kamala’s first choice for cosplay options would be as her idol, Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel, now known as Captain Marvel. Though, Kamala would probably dress up in Danvers’ latest costume, as opposed to her original one (because anyone who’s read MS. MARVEL VOLUME 1: NO NORMAL knows how that goes). Or perhaps Kamala would take the opportunity to dress as another Marvel lady dynamite, such as Thor. Ms. Marvel represents all our inner geeks and would no doubt celebrate Halloween to the fullest, with amazing cosplay and halal candy.


NEW WARRIORS #1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Of all the Champions members who would be out late trick-or-treating, Kamala isn’t the only one that comes to mind. Being one of the members with the most responsibility as a galactic space warrior, Sam Alexander would take any chance to cut loose and celebrate Halloween. You’ll probably find him hanging out in his neighborhood in Arizona, taking his younger sister with him so she can enjoy her holiday safely. Sam’s a kid about family, so he wouldn’t be trick-or-treating strictly for himself, but also to spend time with his sister and ensure her safety.

Viv Vision

CHAMPIONS #2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Being born in a chaotic life as a synthezoid, Viv would naturally venture out on Halloween with her comrades. Still trying to fit in and learn the customs and pastimes of fellow teens, Viv would give trick-or-treating a shot. What would be interesting to see is just what kind of costume she would go with, as her realistic and deadpan humor would lead to some funny situations depending on her style choices. The irony of it all is that while she would enjoy the festivities, in the end she probably wouldn’t enjoy the candy, given her synthezoid senses and lack of appetite.

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Wiccan and Hulkling

YOUNG AVENGERS #1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

As one of the best power couples in the Marvel universe, Wiccan and Hulkling wouldn’t pass up the opportunity for couples’ costumes. In all honesty, these boys have been through a lot. Whether forming a team of the next generation’s crime-fighting heroes, finding long lost siblings and mothers, losing teammates, or going on inter-dimensional adventures together, these young heroes need a break. Since their own superhero costumes are already based off other famous heroes’ costumes — Wiccan’s costume being based off Thor’s and the Scarlet Witch’s, and Hulkling an obvious play on the Incredible Hulk — these boys would take more liberty with their recreational fashion. Perhaps a famous pairing, like Sherlock and Watson, or characters from their favorite franchise, GAME OF THRONES. Whatever they’ll be for Halloween, Wiccan and Hulkling will do it together, and look good doing it, too.

Jean Grey

X-MEN BLUE #6. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Being the leader of the young time-displaced X-Men and the most powerful of the group, Jean Grey could use some time off every now and then. And what better way to do that than by trick-or-treating with her fellow teammates? Jean would use the holiday as an opportune time to give Cyclops and the rest of her time-displaced teammates a break. And while she wouldn’t be against a good joke or two along the way, she’d make sure the rest of the team wouldn’t get too wild, all while stealing some of Cyclops’ candy.


ALL-NEW X-MEN #22. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The most likely to join Jean on the fun would be Iceman. As the X-Men’s resident prankster, the time-displaced Bobby Drake wouldn’t resist the opportunity to celebrate Halloween. The young Iceman is the most laid-back, fun-loving member of the time-displaced X-Men and wouldn’t hesitate taking Jean up on her offer to break away from Danger Room training. Bobby would be the first in line for Halloween festivities alongside Jean. It might even leave a good impression for the older Bobby Drake, who could still learn a thing or two about letting loose from his younger counterpart.

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Miles Morales

SPIDER-MEN II #1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Miles Morales would obviously go trick-or-treating for Halloween. As a full-time superhero and scholarship student, Miles would take any chance to just be himself and hang out with his best friend, Ganke. For Miles, the most obvious choice based off his name, and his father’s last name, would be Miles Davis, the iconic blues musician. However, since Miles barely has time to change in and out his costume before his spidey-sense starts tingling, he would probably be the one to make a last minute costume, like a toilet paper mummy, or dabbling some ketchup on his chin and grabbing a black tablecloth to go as Dracula. Which brings us to…


GENERATION X #1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Spending the majority of her time at the X-Men Mansion and raising her son, Shogo, Jubilee is a busy hero. But every superhero/vampire/single mother needs a night off, and Jubilee would definitely spend it trick-or-treating with her son.

As one of the X-Men’s most fashionable members — as anyone knows with her iconic yellow trench coat and hot pink shades — Jubilee would bring her A-game to any Halloween celebration. Perhaps Jubilee would dress up as a 1980s icon to celebrate her comic book origin, glamming up like Material Girl Madonna or a gender-bent David Bowie. Or maybe, just for kicks, she would go as a famous blood-sucker, like Dracula or Elvira, and dress up Shogo in a cute little bat onesie. Or perhaps in honor of her mentor, Wolverine, Jubilee would dress herself and Shogo up as Mama Bear and Cub: something reminiscent of the gruff, but lovable friend/father-figure…


WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #3. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

..and Logan wouldn’t miss it. Definitely the oldest and grumpiest candidate on our list, good ole Logan wouldn’t be caught asking strangers for candy any day of the week. However, he’s not against chaperoning and joining some of the younger X-Men and old students in the festivities. He’d make sure nothing dangerous would happen. And though he wouldn’t admit it, he’d have fun seeing them enjoying themselves outside of the dangerous world that lies ahead for them. Wolverine is a prime example of finding more than one way to enjoy the holiday, and not having to compromise who you are while doing it.

For a universe filled with costumes, the possibilities for what heroes would dress up as while celebrating Halloween are endless. What Marvel characters do you think would enjoy trick-or-treating? Comment below!

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