It is official! Disney now owns all of the 21st Century Fox’s Marvel characters. This gives the Marvel Cinematic Universe the opportunity to use certain incredible Marvel characters previously unavailable to them. This is a list of 10 Marvel characters that the MCU should use to improve their already spectacular franchise.

10. Rogue and Gambit

Rogue and Gambit. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Gambit has always been one of the Marvel characters that Fox wanted to make work on the big screen. The Channing Tatum lead GAMBIT film has been in development hell for what seems like a century now. It has had three directors attached to it, multiple screenwriters leaving the project, and countless premiere dates being pushed back. I have lost all of the little interest I had in a GAMBIT film.

However, a Rogue and Gambit film would be spectacular. I think seeing those two bounce off each other would be much more fascinating than seeing Gambit alone. Rogue is another character that was excessively underused in the Fox films. With Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel in the MCU, Rogue could obtain some of her classic comic powers.

This film would work really well because it would add a new genre to the MCU. I imagine this film as a Bonnie and Clyde-like escapade for Rogue and Gambit. It doesn’t need the bloated budget as some of the Avengers or X-Men film require. This could be an interesting character-focused story between two fantastic superhero lovers.

9. Cyclops

Scott Summers AKA Cyclops, leader of the X-Men. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Poor Cyclops. He always seems to lose out to Wolverine. Well, I have something to say to 21st Century Fox:

“I’m tired of Wolverine being in every X-MEN film. You have other characters! Use some of them.”

Scott Summers is a true born leader. He is what everybody should think about when we say X-Men. He is literally the man who calls the X-Men into action and commands them in their fights against Magneto and others. Bryan Singer simply did not understand what made Scott Summers so special.

Sure he is a golden boy who plays by the rules, but that is because he believes in Professor Xavier’s message of acceptance and his quest for Civil Rights. Cyclops is cursed with optic blasts emerging from his eyes, yet he never loses hope. The X-Men need this character as their symbol for the team. They need a great Cyclops.

Now that the MCU owns the X-Men, they can bring a more classic version of the team lead by Scott. Hopefully, this film would be an ensemble piece like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, where we could get into the meat of each character. Only then can we understand what truly makes Cyclops so awesome.

8. Magneto

Magneto, leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Magneto is a character that has been done to death in the Fox X-MEN films. While Michael Fassbender’s Erik Lehnsherr is a highlight of those films, I think we need a new take on this character. Marvel could easily retcon it so that Lehnsherr was actually the father of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver from the MCU. We know that the Maximoff twins’ parents were killed after a mortar shell hit their apartment building but that could have easily been their adoptive parents.

Imagine a movie where Scarlet Witch, struggling after the events of Avengers 4, discovers that she has more family alive, in the mysterious country of Genosha. There she meets her father, Magneto who tries to bring her into “the family business” alongside her sister, Polaris. Scarlet Witch will clearly have mixed feelings about the mutant leader after he abandoned her brother and her. It would surely be exciting for Wanda to find out that there are others like her and that desire may be deadly for her.

Magneto also is another iconic villain that Marvel has not had its hands on. He will prove much more challenging to forces like the Avengers who haven’t faced off with a fanatic like Magneto. Also, I would like to see how Iron Man armor does against a man who can literally control metal.

7. Deadpool

Cinematic Universe
Courtesy of Fox Entertainment

At this current moment, DEADPOOL is 21st Century Fox’s most popular film franchise. It is also the second highest grossing R-rated film of all time (right behind PASSION OF THE CHRIST). Ryan Reynolds was absolutely born to play the titular “merc with a mouth,” and I’d hate to think that he would stop because of this Disney acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

There looks to be no reason to fear as Disney has already announced that it will not mess with the R-rating of DEADPOOL. It is also fair to assume that Ryan Reynolds will continue to play Deadpool in the MCU since he is so popular in that role. I think this is an amazing opportunity for Deadpool to make fourth-wall jokes about the acquisition and the other heroes in Disney.

Think of all of the X-Men tropes that DEADPOOL poked fun at. Now expand that to all the silly MCU trope like having no good villains, the lighter, family-friendly tone, and the wide range of Chrises. There are so many more opportunities now that DEADPOOL is a part of the MCU for humor.

There are so many team-ups people want to see with Deadpool. The most popular one is a Spider-Man/Deadpool grouping. Perhaps Deadpool could make an appearance in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING 2 and surprise Peter at his high school all while trying not to curse in a PG-13 movie.

Whomever, they decide to team Deadpool up with, I can’t wait to see Ryan Reynolds play off their energy.

6. Storm

Ororo Monroe Aka Storm and T’Challa Aka Black Panther. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

While Ryan Reynolds expressed trepidation about the Disney acquisition of Fox, there was one Fox actor who seemed ecstatic about the merger. That was none other than X-Men’s Alexandra Shipp AKA the actor who plays Storm. Shipp is someone who has tweeted about a Storm/Black Panther crossover before so she is exceedingly excited about the possibility to work with Chadwick Boseman.

Storm is primarily known as a mutant on the X-Men, but she was also Queen of Wakanda. She and Black Panther always had a melancholy love story. While their love for one another was undying, it could never last. Seeing this play out on the big screen would be very rewarding.

I also think seeing Storm’s powers fully unleashed onscreen would be amazing. We’ve only seen her use her powers in small doses in the X-MEN films. In an MCU film, she could take on threats like the ones that AVENGERS face off with. Imagine her zapping aliens with her lightning bolts and becoming the goddess she was born to be. It’d be absolutely amazing, and everybody would be crying out “Halle Berry who?”

5. Galactus and The Silver Surfer

Galactus, the world-devourer, and his herald, the Silver Surfer

Several iconic Marvel characters that were owned by 21st Century Fox were missing from the space sandbox. No directors could play with them because Fox had ownership.

That is no longer the case. Marvel now owns the rights to major cosmic Marvel characters like the Super-Skrull, the Shi’ar, Annihilus, and the High Evolutionary. Chief among these characters is Galactus and the Silver Surfer.

These two characters are among Jack Kirby’s most iconic and terrific inventions. Galactus, for one, could serve as the next major villain after Thanos is defeated in AVENGERS 4. Imagine if in the end credits to AVENGERS 4, the Silver Surfer, herald of Galactus, arrives on Earth warning of the planet devourer’s coming. The whole theater would lose what is left of their minds!

The Silver Surfer also could take characters’ like Vision’s place as one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU. Having been endowed with the Power Cosmic, the Silver Surfer is nearly undefeatable and could serve first as a worthy adversary to a new group of Avengers or the Fantastic Four. Then, he could turn on Galactus and help the Avengers prepare for the cosmic entity’s coming.

4. Emma Frost

Emma Frost AKA The White Queen. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Few Marvel characters have received less justice than Emma Frost. January Jones of MAD MEN portrayed her in one of the series most dry, emotionless performances (which is saying something). X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, the film featuring Emma, also fails to capture the complexity of her character.

Sure, Emma starts off as a villain, but she has so many redeemable qualities. Firstly she is incredibly dedicated to those she loves. As the leader of the Hellions, Emma was both a benevolent and determined leader. She’s at first a respected adversary of the X-Men. Later, she joins the X-Men and integrates her Hellions within its ranks. Having Emma as a major character in an X-Men team would differentiate it from previous team iterations that have appeared in the film.

Furthermore, Emma could be introduced as the first love interest to Cyclops. Jean Grey and Scott Summers have been together twice in the X-MEN films, and so far their chemistry was non-existent. Emma and Scott could play off each other quite well. She has her dry wit whereas he has his dutiful loyalty to the X-Men. They are both such different characters which is why it would be amazing to see their love story unfold on the big screen.

3. Beast

Hank McCoy AKA Beast. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Beast is a fantastic example of what the Marvel can do with the mutants. Beast has famously been both a member of the X-Men and the Avengers. This is why I think Beast is a perfect option to be (technically) the first mutant on the Avengers.

As I believe that Hulk will no longer be around after Avengers 4, the Avengers will need another character to fill his large…feet. Beast takes element Hulk’s duality of beast vs. man and raises it. Beast never gets to change from human to feral; he always remains the walking contradiction of genius monster-like mutant. Because of this, Beast is an ideal hero to use to explore the element of Marvel characters being treated as freaks, something that the MCU has not dealt with.

Nicholas Hoult’s performance as Beast has been underused as of late in X-MEN films and so this marks a perfect opportunity to revive this character. Much like how Elizabeth Olsen made Scarlet Witch stand out as a member of the Avengers, a distinguished actor (like Kelsey Grammar) could make Beast a fan-favorite.

2. The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four, Marvel’s First Family. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Is there a group of Marvel characters more integral to the company than its First Family, The Fantastic Four? They were Stan Lee’s first superhero team that spawned an era of brilliant characters. Their upbeat scientific travels through other planets and dimensions set the future tone for most Marvel Comics in the Silver Age.

21st Century Fox outright failed four times to create a proper Fantastic Four adaption. As was the case with Spider-Man, the MCU has a clear opportunity to resurrect the FANTASTIC FOUR franchise by integrating it into their universe. Imagine if Reed Richards had a place in the Avengers. Think about Spider-Man teaming up with the Human Torch or the Invisible Woman fighting Vision and the Scarlet Witch. The Thing brawling with Black Panther and Ant-Man. The possibilities are endless.

The Fantastic Four will add a new familial element to the MCU which could be very beneficial to its story. Furthermore, the Fantastic Four bring in new sci-fi elements like the Negative Zone, the Ultimate Nullifier, and the all-powerful Franklin Richards. The Fantastic Four bring in a lot of baggage that will enrich the MCU and make it feel fresh after 20 films.


1. Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom Aka Doctor Doom. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

By far the Marvel character that I want to see most in the MCU is Doctor Doom. With Loki seemingly ending his time in the MCU after AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR or AVENGERS 4, Marvel needs another iconic villain to set the tone of Phase 4. Doctor Doom is the ideal candidate because, alongside Magneto, he is one of the most complicated villains in all of Marvel comics.

As one of Stan Lee’s first great villainous creations in 1962, Doctor Doom creates terror everywhere he goes. His metal mask and hood are iconic. I think in a post-Tony Stark-MCU, Doctor Doom could serve as an evil version of Robert Downey Jr.’s iconic character. Unlike Iron Man who was able to overcome his flaws, hubris plagues Doctor Doom and serves as his undoing. However, with Tony Stark gone, few minds can rival Doctor Doom’s, and the world is up for him to take.

I still would love a film starring Doctor Doom like the one Noah Hawley proposed earlier this year at Comic-Con. We may not get a Doctor Doom film, but he should still be an integral part of whatever the major plotline of Phase 4 is because there are simply no comic book characters like him.

Countless Marvel Characters to Choose From!

One of the most fun things about reading Marvel comics is seeing all your favorite characters interact with one another. Marvel characters like Wolverine often hang out with Captain America or Spider-Man.

Now that Disney has bought 21st Century, we can see all of the relationships we know from the comics play out on the big screen. It truly is a fantastic time to be a fan of these spectacular Marvel characters and comics!

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