Superheroes are brave and gifted individuals who constantly run head first into danger. On top of all that, there’s all the brooding and self-imposed isolation for the sake of their loved ones. Once a reader gets attached to a hero, the constant heartbreak can get to be too much. I can’t be the only one who has ever clutched a comic book to my chest and dramatically shouted, “I just want them to be happy!”

No? Well, you’re in luck, then. Here are ten of our favorite superheroes on the happiest days of their lives. 

10. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle

Image from NIGHTWING #52, courtesy of DC

This union is all the way down at number 10 mostly because it never actually happens. To say that Batman and Catwoman have a complicated relationship would be an understatement. He’s a tragic crimefighting vigilante, and she’s a career criminal who’s morally ambiguous at best. Star-crossed, truly. However, as forbidden (And isn’t it always better when it’s forbidden?) as their love is, that doesn’t make the feelings any less real.

In the panel above from NIGHTWING #52, Selina is clearly dreaming. If the beautiful floral framing wasn’t enough of a giveaway, the fact that they’re both wearing masks during their nuptials should be. Superhero weddings can still be super when they’re a delusion. If you follow Catwoman with any regularity, then you know this fantasizing isn’t anything knew. My only frustration with the brief moment of delusion is that it devolves into possessiveness and that pesky recurring “I have to save Gotham” fight. I mean, I know it makes sense with the plot, but can’t they even be happy in a dream? No. No, they can’t. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for doomed romances.

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9. Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance


The wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary falls at number 9 because, honestly, it’s a little ridiculous. GREEN ARROW AND BLACK CANARY WEDDING SPECIAL reads like a 90s romantic comedy that suddenly remembers it’s supposed to be about superheroes.The issue is essentially one long running cliche of superhero weddings. Still, I’m kind of obsessed with it, either in spite of or because of that.

To its credit, the comic leans into its ridiculousness. Unlike Catwoman and Batman back up there in number 10, this couple donning their crime fighting garb doesn’t mean anyone’s dreaming. It was a conscious choice to invite all their hero friends and keep everyone’s identity concealed. Black Canary’s wedding-white costume is a nice touch. However, I’m a little iffy about having the parade of villains rain down from the sky. Then again, is a wedding ever really complete without some punches thrown?

8. Jean-Paul Beaubier and Kyle Jinadu

Image from ASTONISHING X-MEN #51, courtesy of Marvel

Of all the superhero weddings, number 8 is certainly the most politically forward. In ASTONISHING X-MEN #51, Marvel wrote their first same-sex marriage. This issue has such compelling characterization, that if it weren’t for Northstar’s lesser notoriety, this would be much higher on my list. Jean-Paul and Kyle’s vows are short but sincere. Combine that with a marriage inspired by a life or death situation, and I’m just a puddle on the floor.

What’s most interesting to me about this wedding is the insight into some of the guests. I think it’s incredibly important that discomfort among some of the guests is shown. That’s reality, as unfortunate as it is. From Warbird refusing to attend to Puck and Havok talking over drinks about how it all feels weird to them, we get a spectrum of reactions. But not everyone’s mind is on the current wedding. Rogue is busy thinking about what would’ve happened if her moms had gotten married, and Logan is spiraling down the long, long memory lane. Really, sometimes the drama from the guests is the best part of the special day.

7. Wally West and Linda Park

THE FLASH (1987) #142
Image from THE FLASH (1987) #142, courtesy of DC

Oddly enough, what I find most endearing and compelling about number 7 is what happens before and after the actual wedding in THE FLASH (1987) #142. The couple-to-be’s nerves are sweet, and the way they support each other really has me rooting for them. When there’s a potential problem with their wedding cake, Wally essentially kidnaps a French chef. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

However, as the wedding ceremony nears a close and Wally slips the ring on Linda’s finger, readers are robbed of the satisfaction of their matrimony. A bright flash of light and Wally is alone, with no memory of Linda and the life they built together. Poor Linda is locked away in darkness, begging for her love’s help. It’s tragic and twisty. Maybe superhero weddings aren’t always the happiest affair after all…

6. Wade Wilson and Shiklah

Image from TRUE BELIEVERS: THE WEDDING OF DEADPOOL, courtesy of Marvel

If there were any wedding I expected to have everyone in full costume, it would be number 6 on the list of superhero weddings: Deadpool. Yet there Wade is, in a suit. Leave it to him to keep me on my toes. As if marrying a literal monster isn’t surprising enough. Well, actually somehow that part seems oddly appropriate.

As fun and witty as TRUE BELIEVERS: THE WEDDING OF DEADPOOL is, it’s even more touching. Wade’s friends and guests root for him to have just one good, perfect day. Thor even lends a hand with the weather. Honestly, with the speed and… Oddities of the wedding, I questioned the sincerity of the commitment. However, seeing Wade’s thought process and his complete dazzlement with Shiklah, I’m a little moved. I’m glad he got his happy day. That the end foretells people coming to ruin every day after only makes the wedding more precious.

Plus Nightcrawler officiates the ceremony. How could I not love it?

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5. Diana Prince and Hades

WONDER WOMAN (2011) #9
Image from WONDER WOMAN (2011) #9, courtesy of DC

Number 5 has very little to do with happiness and true love, but it’s creepy and cool, so it’s here. Hades shoots Diana with Eros’ guns to force her to fall in love with him, and quickly drags her into a wedding. Since it all takes place in the underworld, naturally her dress has hands clawing at the skirt. Gross. And I promised myself I wouldn’t gush about fashion.

To make things darker, Hades doesn’t believe that the love bullets worked. He makes a noose out of Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and asks if she loves him. She promises that she does, but in the end during her escape reveals that she loves everyone. You know, that doesn’t really count. Hades just wants someone to really love him. So, of course, Diana shoots him with Eros’ gun while he’s looking in the mirror, so he finally loves himself. Awww. I mean, the whole thing is gruesome and horrifying. But awww.

4. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon

Image from CONVERGENCE: NIGHTWING/ORACLE #2, courtesy of DC

Number 4 on my list is not all that original in comparison to the other superhero weddings. Barbara rejected Dick’s initial proposal, which seems to be a trend in comics. But like all great love stories, it takes nearly dying to be ready to make that final commitment. In CONVERGENCE: NIGHTWING/ORACLE #2 the both of them kicked ass, and we all know couples that crime-fight together stay together.

The actual wedding aspect of the issue is abrupt. If it weren’t for the cover, there really wouldn’t be any indication things were heading that way. As it is, the actual ceremony is only shown on one page. While it doesn’t go into great detail about their special day, I think we can all agree the two of them deserve the happiness. It’s the characters that make this wedding rank so high. Poor Dick and Barbara have been through the ringer. They know things aren’t perfect — will never be perfect — but they have each other.

3. T’Challa and Ororo Munroe

BLACK PANTHER (2005) #18
Image from BLACK PANTHER (2005) #18, courtesy of Marvel

Black Panther and Storm are basically the power couple of the Marvel universe. They really raise the bar for superhero weddings. In BLACK PANTHER (2005) #18, T’Challa and Ororo’s wedding has excitement in a way others don’t. While there aren’t any villainous interruptions, their nuptials still have action. Storm has to get the approval of the Panther God in order to take her place as Wakanda’s queen. No one is surprised when she passes the test. 

There’s also some delicious drama, as the wedding takes place in the midst of the Civil War arc. When Steve Rogers and Tony Stark see each other, tensions rise. T’Challa wants them to put aside their differences for a day, but it can’t be done. Still, it’s a beautiful ceremony that means more than just a couple beginning a life together. It’s a union of a human and a mutant. It’s a nation opening up its heart. Also, Oprah is there.

2. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Image from NEW AVENGERS (2005) ANNUAL #1, courtesy of Marvel

NEW AVENGERS (2005) ANNUAL #1 gives us the gloriousness that is number 2 on my list of superhero weddings. Luke had previously popped the question, and Jessica was stalling, despite having had a baby with him. This wedding certainly had me pumping my fist in the air, because finally.

Luke and Jessica are quite possibly my favorite comic book romance. I’m crazy about them — They just balance each other out so well. Their wedding is just as charming as they are. Jessica interrupts the officiant as he’s about to declare them husband and wife. She hijacks the pre-written vows, making them her own. She says they’re better together, and it’s true. Though their love story may be entirely fictional, it’s moments like that that make me swoon and reaffirm my belief in love.

1. Steve Rogers and Natasha Stark

DARK REIGN: FANTASTIC FOUR #2, superhero weddings
Image from DARK REIGN: FANTASTIC FOUR #2, courtesy of Marvel

Out of all these superhero weddings, this one takes the cake. On Earth-3490, we have Iron Woman Natasha Stark, rather than Tony, who marries Steve Rogers. While there’s not a lot on this particular wedding in the comics, it ranks at number 1 because of the implications it has to me. That a marriage between the two of them means that the Civil War never happens is both beautiful and heartbreaking. It speaks to the cause of the war being an unwillingness to compromise. On the other hand, I wonder if this is a decision that should’ve been compromised on. 

Even with this wedding being one mention in a long line of alternate worlds, I think about it most often. I mean sure, Captain America and Iron Man are some of my favorite superheroes, so it’s really no big surprise. Plus it sort of makes one think about Steve and Tony’s relationship in a different light, right? Whether it makes you want to put on your Gay Goggles and do some re-contextualizing, or just mourn the soulmate equivalent of friendship, this wedding is a doozy.

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