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Comics are universal. In countries like France and Japan, comic books are considered a great art form. Manga from Japan is used to illustrate everything from novels to recipe instructions. The painted panel is considered the ninth art in France. While comic books and graphic novels are a growing and more recognizable form of art in the United States, ComicsVerse sincerely believes comics are a rare and beautiful form of art that deserves inspection and admiration not only in the United States, but all over the world, an end which we vigorously work towards.

ComicsVerse is committed to the serious study of comic books as an art form and relishes in comic book theory. We analyze not only comic books from publishers like: Marvel Comics, D.C. Comics, IDW, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, and more, but we will focus on the independent comic book/graphic novel publisher and the artists and writer that work to bring us original material. ComicsVerse is a place for deep introspection about ourselves as human beings and how we express our nature through the art of the graphic novel. We are a home for the sophisticated reader. Feel free to express yourself by customizing your profile, in the comment section available for each article as well as in the many forums. Your opinion is greatly valued here.

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August 20, 2014

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